X.P Voodoo Birthday

Today we publish the interview with the founder of Goa-Freaks.Com, Dj, Musician and Party Organizer -X.P.VooDoo

Living in Goa for couple decade,  XP gave to Goa incredible amount of killer parties. His events were and still are always different from others and represent a maximum production and professional level of the organizer. His DJ sets blew away and opened minds of thousands people all over the World.
The pioneer, founder and the legend of trance culture in Russia, party organizer and promoter, the most recognized worldwide Russian DJ and founder of Goa-Freaks.Com, Xp had been playing psychedelic trance since 1994. The founder and producer of the first Moscow trance club Aerodance (1994-1996), and underground party points-LESS, Chill Out planet, Plazma, the head-leader of Aerodance Corporation, the main party label of Russia. Organized more than 400 psychedelic events, including Earthdances and Orbita Moscow (1-6) - the biggest In-door annual trance festival in the world (6000-10000 people). Brought over in Moscow more than 50 foreign DJs and musicians.

For the last 15 years he organized a numerous amount of the parties- famous Russian Xmas Fests, Monkey Valley, Anjuna Temple ground, Aquarius, Hilltop Xmas and New Year festivals ( 2001-2005)and many more. He was a program director and promoter of Westend Club ( 2008-2011) and Hippies in Anjuna ( 2012-2013) and put this party spots on top level of agendas of trance lovers.
In 2007 created Goa Freaks Community - collaborative production team that specializes in organizing and promoting dance events across electronic music genres and in 2011 together with Daydreamer launched mega psychedelic web project- www.goa-freaks.com


XP have played on main trance gatherings all over the World - here are some of them:

Solipse 1998(Hungary),Orebro 1998 ( Sweden ) .Goa 2000,Boom 2000(Portugal),Orion 02 (Brasil), Trancendence 2003 (Brasil), Antaris Project 2003 ,VOOV experience 2003(Germany), Sunrite 2003 (Spain)., Samotraki 2003(Greece) ,Psybertech 2004(Portugal),Sonica 2005,2006,2007(Italy),2011, 2013,Freedom 2005,2007,2009, 2013(Portugal), ,Utopia 2007 ( Portugal ), Psybertech 2008 ( Portugal ) , Koniemetsa festival 2008 ( Finland ), Reloaded (Italy ) 2009,Chronos (Russia ) ñ 2008-2011, Crymea Trance fest ( Ukraine ) 2008-2010, Kazantip ( Ukraine ) 1998,2008-2011, OZORA 2013 and many more.

We wish you Happy Birthday, Brother, and keep making us fly!

More information about X.P.VooDoo and all what you need to know about him -

First time in History of Goa Live Show- Aerodance. 2002
With sir Ajay Malotra, embassador of India in Russia
XP in the MIX
April 2013
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