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Overview of five top psybient artists

Overview of five top psybient artists :

'Aeolian Mode' is the first album .
For this album, Alwoods draws inspiration from his love of nature, the elements, and his time spent in the Greek mountainside. Natural sounds, bright atmospheres, and pulsing energies create a wondrous audio experience that fuses morning sounds with deep ambience.

Few tracks for yourenjoying :

" Long Life Forest " is the second album ,its really new sound,absolutely fresh...

Every song is a unique piece of art in itself and the quality and craftsmanship reflect the time taken to produce the entire album.
 Originally scheduled over a year ago and released just now, this album shines with the extra time and effort invested to perfect it. Each sound hits your ears with thick bass lines that vibrate and resonate your ear drums and your entire being.

A favorite off of the album that moved the down-tempo and chill-out dance floors this past summer is 'We Are Modern Shamans'. The combination of melodies with the shaman's vocals deep energetic bass makes the track irresistible, and makes it an infectious track to dance to.
Every song is diverse, but they all keep the familiar 'Alwoods' progressive-chill signature sound. Both his first album 'Aeolian Mode' and 'Long Life Forest' are tied for one of the best Altar Records albums so far.

Some tracks for your enjoying :

Charles Farewell aka Asura opens two outstanding chapters... his musical odyssey with '360', a powerful cinematic Downtempo album which captures and enhances the essence of the original Asura sound with its slow grooving rhythms, entrancing melodies, deep flowing pads and ethnic instrumentations.

This fourth album from Asura will stand as the coming out of Charles Farewell as an incredible composer of overlapping ambient genres, from ecstatic to chilled,
 groovy to uplifting, he offers the audience a wide open musical journey with finely chiseled orchestrations and a strong sense of space and timelessness.
Mostly instrumental, the album offers a sublime vocal introduction courtesy of Ayten and discreet voice overs from the artist.

'360' is a lively and attractive record which presents three years of sound modeling, synth programming and deep immersion in multi-layered soundscapes. Peaceful and majestic.

Few tracks for your enjoying :


A complete deluxe edition to gently flow into a trip.The name is Memory Shell :
12 tracks offering a panoramic vision of deep morning trance and ambient, wrapped in a 3 parts digipack including a 16 pages booklet of pictures and texts.

Astral Waves is Dj Zen's psybient project.
Astral Waves aka DJ Zen of Altar Records is known for his 2007 release of 'Mystique' and having released numerous singles to well-known labels such as Altar, Peak, Sellaband, Sunline, Suntrip Records, and YSE over the past decade.

Zen is well known for his ability to tell deep spiritual stories with his music, which always ends in a mind blowing experience
Zen takes years of growth and experience paired with much valued input from talented artists such as Vibrasphere, Astropilot, Alwoods, CJ Catalizer, Suduaya, Zymosis, and Tentura and puts his evolved skills and knowledge to work remixing original tracks supplied by these artists.

'Magique' is comprised of eight tracks. Each is reworked from top to bottom including the use of live drum samples taken in his studio and the lovely voice of Iz. This long awaited album is sure to please a wide spectrum of music lovers, from ambient chillers to psychedelic and progressive heads! Enjoy!

Some tracks for your mood :
"Solar Walk " is a voyage into the higher orbiting realms of dream consciousness. Astropilot continues his psybient travels with this astounding composition
With this album, AstroPilot has reached a serious, rich, and extremely well polished level of production. We invite you to listen and share in this experience that we feel will be another strong Altar contender for space ambient release of the year.

Few tracks for you :
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