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IRINA MIKHAILOVA‏ - Exclusive Interview

Today we are happy to present you an exclusive interview with one of the most charming woman of The Earth Irina Mikhailova.
Diva from Russia has unforgettable voice, which builds the stairways from reality to the imaginary sky world...vibrations of it will forever stay deep inside your mind in space of your dreams...
Rich of the multi-ethnic sounds that surrounded her childhood, and the depth of her soul, Irina Mikhailova blends her warm and otherworldly vocals with trance-inducing music of an amazing cast of musicians such as Kaya Project (UK), Vibrasphere (Sweden), Star Sounds Orchestra (Germany), Omnimotion (Sweden), Vlastur (Greece), Toires (France), Govinda (USA), Seb Mullaert of Minilogue (Sweden), Medicine Drum (USA) and more.

Irina Mikhailova sings to us from the heart of her indigenous roots that lay in the rich traditions of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Born and raised in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Irina currently resides in San Francisco, where for the last few years she has released many solo and collaborative projects, most of which explore vocal technique, traditional instrumentation and digital composition, all while taking in the styles of contemporary folk, modern lounge, dub-ambient, tribal trance, and Arabic groove.
Irina's music has been used in variety of documentaries and feature films. One of the highlights include movie "Salt" starring Angelina Jolie as well as "Halo", a multi-billion dollar science fiction video game.

She plays frequently in Europe and has performed at variety of festivals such as Peter Gabriel"s Womad festival in England as well as festivals in Japan, Morocco, Australia and more. Her solo albums are receiving international critical acclaim and are available on ITunes, Amazon, CDbaby, Napster and Irina's web site:

So, Irina, we are happy to have you in Sunday Freak’s Downtempo World. And thanx a lot
for the time you gave to us . So, please, tell to our readers, why did you choose downtempo electronic music?
I did not ever choose one style of music. I sing traditional music as well as some uptempo electronic music etc. I go by what moves me musically and makes you soar now more selectively than before! So my music style is all about growing with time but also preserving the essence and spirit of traditional chants with which I like to remind new generation to not forget their roots and depth of spirit of this amazing music.
Do you make a difference between Psybient and Psychill?
Not really. For me it is an atmosphere that matters and an effect it has on audience more than what style of music it should be called :)
What is the source of you inspiration?
Experiences of the past, present and future
Does Shakti-power helps you so much?
I feel the divine force but I don't assign it to any culture or religion so that words don't loose their power if overused in certain circles.
What is the color of your voice vibes?
I feel the BLUE~
(color of protection)
Which form you beautiful voice has?
Like the ever-changing air and water flow...
Downtempo for you - Lifestyle, subculture or just a genre?
As I said earlier I don't just do downtempo music, I do some very energetic dubstep and other genres so community is my lifestyle, and Eco and Art one because it inspires our lives :)
Downtempo is a special point of mind ?
It is relaxing and rejuvenating and inspires like some other genres meditative restful state!
Do you think that Psychedelic Downtempo is important part of Trance Festivals? 
For sure. People have a need to change the speed of their movement and slow down so this is where downtempo helps balance other styles of music at the festivals or events.
What around us- Nature, Space or... you can associate with chill out vibrations?
Ether, big body of water like the ocean, or tall and beautiful trees soaring to the skies!
Can you please predict a future of Psychedelic Downtempo genre?
As anything else in life it will evolve but how? it is for us to decide....hopefully we will get away from formulas and be bold enough to create music which moves forward and does not always fit into any known electronic genre.
Please name few artists you can recommend.
Maluns, SiebZehN, Grouch, Vlastur, Braincell, Kalya Scintilla and many more.....
What is your favorite place on Earth ?
Too many but one of them floating on the cloud ;)
Your favorite Food?

Asian organic
Your favorite hobby?

Some words with your energy for Sunday Freak readers:

Stay inspired and creative, change things if you don't like them even if it seems impossible, remember to be kind and compassionate when it's hard and take good care of your soul/body/mind.
Thank you so much, Irina, Spasibo and please continue to joy us with your art and inspiration.

IRINA MIKHAILOVA PERFORMANCE HIGHLIGHTS • WOMAD, UK • BOOM, Portugal • Big Chill, UK • MEG Montreal, Canada • Samothraki Dance Festival, Greece • Morocco 2000, Morocco • Freedom Festival, Portugal • Return to the Source, Japan • Miami Winter Music Conference, USA • ACA Fest, Mexico • Fullmoon Festival, Germany • Health & Harmony, USA • EarthDance, USA/Germany • Antaris Festival, Germany • Fusion, Germany • Love Parade, Germany • Hadra Fest, France • VuuV, Germany • Ozora, Hungary • Howeird street fair, USA
PREVIOUS RELEASES Irina has appeared on a variety of recordings and compilations in the last few years including : Firedance by Kaya Project (Interchill / Canada / UK) Desert Phase by Kaya Project (Interchill / Canada / UK) Firedance by Kaya Project (Interchill / Canada / UK) Cafe Paradiso ( Park Lane rec, UK ) Ease Division 3 ( Spiral Trax, Sweden ) Lucid Dreaming by Eastern Spirit ( MikelaBella, Israel) Isabliss by Amethystium (Neurodisc Rec, USA ) The Riddle Of Isla De Pascua ( Avatar / Israel ) Hadravision ( Hadra Records / FR ) Eco Zen 2 ( One World Music / AU ) Beginner's guide to Bellydance ( Demon Music / UK ) Night Flower (Elefaria Rec / USA ) Buddha Bar X (George V / France ) Lumin - Ketri (Dakini Records / Japan) Café Tel Aviv (Avatar / Israel) Destination Lounge San Francisco, Vol. 2 (Revive The Soul / USA) Angels Voices (Sequoia Records / USA) Floating Point 4 (Sofa Beats-Iboga / DK) Vibrasphere - Exploring the Tributaries ( TribalVisionRecords / CZ) Beginner's guide to Buddha Lounge (Demon Music / UK) Tribal Matrix (Dakini / Japan) Cafe Goa (Avatar/ Israel) Defining Moments (Chillosophy/ SE) Farewell Ferengistan (Banco De Gaia / UK) The Riddle Of Santa Catherina (Avatar / IS) Caravan Of Light (Lua / USA) A weekend in Paris (Water Music / USA) New World Groove (Interchill / Canada / UK) Buddha Tea Lounge (Sugo / USA) Frequent Flyer (KinkySweet / USA) San Francisco under a Groove (NHR / USA) Soul Vibration (Liquid Records / UK) Celtic Lounge (Sequoia / USA) Tropical Chill (Sequoia / USA) Pour le Bain (E-FrenchSound / France) Dimanche (Water Music / USA) Destination Lounge San Francisco (UBL Records / USA) Traveler 3 (Six Degrees Records / USA) 13th Moon (Interchill / Canada / UK) Earth Octave Lounge (Interchill / Canada / UK) Walking Through by Kaya Project (Interchill / Canada / UK) Elixir by Kaya Project (Interchill / Canada / UK) Miditation 2 (Ceiba Records / USA) How Weird Street Fair (Ceiba Records / USA) Majmar by Toires (Hoots Records / France) Black Ops by Red Seal (Flow Records / Portugal) Lumin - Hadra (Valley / USA) Music for Qigong Dancing by Star Sounds Orchestra (Millenium Records / UK) Medicine Drum - Original Face (Cyber Octave Music / USA) Earth Dance 2000 (Cyber Octave Music / USA) Medicine Drum - Talking Stick (Cyber Octave Music / USA)
Links to Irina Mikhailova web space:
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