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Exclusive Interview with Sergio Walgood

Today we want to introduce you one of the most talented guys of planet Earth,  - Sergio Walgood from Portugal.

"For How long have you been making music?"
Hi! Thank you for the invitation. Music was always a big part of my life, my father is a guitar player and I grew up listening to him playing 60’s music and learning some tunes on guitar. The first experiences making music was with my big friend André Rivotti Casimiro making original blues tunes. Around 1998 I started to pay more attention to electronics and I started to make some experiences with this old casio keybord, guitar and 2 tape recorders, it was really raw and nothing special. Sometime later, after going to my first Psytrance events I started to experiment computer programs and some tunes were made trying to recreate this new music for me.

"How many LP's with your music were released?"
As Sérgio Walgood I have released my first album “Chill in Tribe” for Ajnavision Records in digital and CD format and the Bandcamp digital release “The mind and Space"
As OCO (world, tribal fusion band) we have released “Beyond Dust and Bones” in digital and CD format.

"Which tune on that LP do you consider as the best one?"
It’s hard to pick one. Every tune has its character and sometimes I like one the most and other times others. But from the feedback I receive, the one that most people like is “The Dream” from “Chill in Tribe album”.

"Do you make difference between psybient and psychill?"
I don’t really pay too much attention on this, but I think that one is more slow than the other

"Which venue is the best for slow music in your opinion?"
Boom Festival Chillout Gardens and ZNA Gathering chillout

"Can you predict the future of Downtempo genre ?"
I think that this genre will grow a lot and have a place of his own instead of a alternative stage in a psytrance event. It is already happening this change.

"What is your favourite musical instrument?"
Guitar and strings instruments

"Which  planet are you from?"
Lovely planet Earth

"And for your music, is it from there as well?"
Yes, totally. :)

"What does your music does with human conciousness?"
It brings textures and emotions from different cultures.

"What is definition of "Love" to you?"
Love is a powerful emotion connecting us with cosmos and ourselves.

"What is harmony in your opinion?"
Harmony is when everything is in balance and peace.

"What is your favorite place on  Earth?"
My favorite places on Earth are anywhere I find balance love and harmony. One of them is Serra de Sintra (Portugal)

"What is your favorite smell on the Earth?"
Oh! The smell of delicious food! :)

"Please name the artists you can recommend?"
Oco, Random Mode, Angular momentum, Zen Baboon, Balancé, Chilled C'quence, Pedro Neves (Waves), Teresa Gabriel, Irina Mikhailova , Kalahari, Andrew Sigil, Wåveshåper, Hataken, Master Margherita, Kaya Project, etc…

"A few words for Sunday Freak readers then..?"
Thank you for reading and for the support! Hope you have a great and happy life. Se you soon somewhere! :)
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