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Five top albums recommended by Downtempo World for this month:

Five top albums recommended by Downtempo World for this month:
Each piece on this album is full of emotion and texture.
Ranging from lush cinematic atmospheres to addictive mid-tempo rhythms, this album is a mix of many styles to create something unique and beautiful.
A polished cohesion of ethnic, symphonic, trance, and shimmering ambient textures. Akshan's work yields up an atypical musical experience that will relax and energize, inspire, transcend and will sweep the listener along as each song tells its story.
Few tracks for you to enjoy:
Cabeiri brothers Nickolas and Dimitris Vavalos from Greece...
Cabeiri delivers their first release with 'Inner Thoughts', a strong album full of deep, relaxing ambient laced with down tempo grooves and complex melodies. 'Inner Thoughts' is a dreamy story told in original compositions.
Deep vibes mixed with heavenly moods, floating soundscapes, pumping down-tempo grooves.
This album is a beautiful voyage into deep spacey ambient music that is perfect for both dancing and chilling.
Skillful production guarantees this release will sound as good in your headphones as it does on the dance floor. With 'Inner Thoughts' you'll find eight new full-length unreleased tracks of mystic and relaxing vibes that are perfectly suited to the chill-out dance floor or the early evening trance set.
It's refreshing to hear something as well-crafted and versatile as this.
Few tracks for your enjoyment:
The Swedish duo Carbon Based Lifeforms graces us with their fourth album Twentythree...
From wide and far reaching soundscapes, the hypnosis subtly builds up with washes of ethereal melodies while floating pads are brushed by reverberated organic and electric data or the distant echoes of life on a planet.
The album Twentythree consists of 8 genuine and unrestrained tracks that will forever expand our visions of the open space. Authentic and vibrant, deeply emotive, the story unfolds...
Composed by Daniel Segerstad and Johannes Hedberg, featuring Karin My Andersson for the voices.
Few tracks for your mood
8 tracks of the best Portuguese Chillout music composed and played by Sergio Walgood with a mixture of Downtempo, Dub and Tribal Beats.
'Chill in Tribe' can be described by dream trips between the earth and space, wrapped in organic rhythms inspired by tribal and oriental cultures with a touch of psychedelica. Do you want to chill in Tribe with us?
Few tracks for your mood :
Night Flower' is a beautiful compilation which represents Irina's collaborative work...
Seb Taylor (AlephZero/Interchill) and Graham Wood (Tip Records) from UK, Toires from France, Steve Schroyder (Tangerine Dream/SSO) from Germany, as well as Raven (Waterjuice) from Canada, B.Cochran (Hands Upon Black Earth), B.Smiley, D.Battenfield (Aquila)from USA.
It's like brightly coloured veils slowly swirling in warm evening winds, heavy with the scents of faraway caravans. Irina's music is analogue fusion of worlds in exploration spinning waves of intonation into digital envelopes, postmarks seal destination in ethnic refuge, time stands still.
Timelessness in her every note, the vibes, that bind you to her spell is poetry in unison with the soul.
Couple tracks for your mood:
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