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Few Albums from Down Tempo World

Fresh, new exotics...listen...become inspired.
Bluetech melds the electronic with the organic, utilizing custom-built Reaktor instruments and software based synthesizers like Metasynth and Zeta. His traditional classical training brings a warmth and musicality to the precision and detail of his extremely fresh electronic style and sound. Includes a remix of the Sounds From the Ground classic, 'Triangle'.
'A sci-fi matrix of elevated dreaming, neo-electro dub and mesmerizing textures.'
Few tracks for your mood :


"Peyote Dreaming" the long awaited solo album by Melbourne-based musician/producer Don Peyote aka...
Peyote Dreaming is an eclectic sonic odyssey that journeys to the far corners of the globe, all the while being set against the natural ambience of the Australian rainforest.
This is a timeless release that evokes the true organic resonance of the Australian continent as a fusion of inspiration from both the indigenous and modern multicultural landscape.
Combining crisp production with intelligent arrangements Don Peyote draws upon global indigenous influences, otherworldly musical traditions and dub electronica influences to create an intricate soundscape - where every moment counts.
Peyote Dreaming is the sound of now! Deep dubbed out fat bass beats, that are as wide as a 'post code', lusciously wrapped and surrounded by the organic electronic sounds the global groove culture has come to love and cherish. This is a cutting edge full emersion into where electronic music is today and the whole album is a classic master mix. Whether it be global groove, psy-dub, intelligent temple beats, or doof dub this latest release from Don Peyote is destined to fill the summer sound systems and groove zones around the planet for years to come.
The album offers 11 tracks of eclectic, world-influenced, visionary down tempo fat dub and bass.


Bloom' is a compilation album of various unreleased tracks...
The only way we could envisage releasing these, was as a compilation and so what we have here is a collection of singles and sketches in a sense which together offer glimpses into the past aswell as the present moment.

Few tracks for your enjoyment :

Louis-David aka Suduaya has been touring the world with his guitar since 2010...
The perfect words to describe Unity are light and intense. It is a morning down tempo album but with deep presence of rolling basslines. This union between ethereal trancy textures with inviting deep seated vibrations is delicious. With or without a 4/4 beat structure, each track offers a cohesive, heart-moving feeling while at the same time keeping the intense frequencies grounded. It floats, really high and simultaneously our legs feel gravity and stay on the ground.
His music encourages people to gather onto the dance floor, enjoying an open earth experience and a deep communion all together with nature. Unity builds an original way to present a down tempo album. It is a beautiful combination of mysticism and grounded construction, not to mention awesome homemade guitar lines signed by Suduaya. The light is everywhere in this album. Airy feeling, soul-moving atmosphere, a big smile to the universe! A must have in your discography.

Few best tracks :
“The Mind and Space”
2013, Self-released.
Sergio is from Portugal, and it is his second album. The first one “Chill in Tribe” saw the light in 2010 with Ajnavision Records.
Second releases are so tricky sometimes: it was easy-peasy for the first one, and now is the next hit! Expand the horizon and share it with other sonic astronauts. Eight new tracks make up one fresh trip, which is relaxed, self-ironic and joyful. Sergio is showing us quite another dimension here, and the first track is confidently opening it. Then a bit of tribal vibes and we move higher to the cosmos. Title track ‘The Mind and Space’ is the shiniest jewel of the album: it is progressively alluring you and carrying away. There are also off-key sound games which are decorating this musical story with abstract ornaments. The space over here is combined with cheesy claps and it’s like hanging out at downtempo party somewhere in Mars: hi-tech lounge, roller skating alien waiters, cocktails umbrellas and a live-band in the middle of the soundcheck. Classic chillax! (discretion by Tanya-z...)
The sound for your mood :



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