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BEST Russian speaking downtempo artists :

The last year has been fantastic with many quality releases by Altar artists...
Following in the style of his well known 'Solar Walk' series, this opus brings to us more of the depth and quality of composition that Dimitry is known for with his 10 years of experience and audio craftsmanship.
Including remixes from acclaimed Greek musicians Alwoods and Cabeiri and featuring two exclusive and unreleased live remixes from his performance at Boom Festival 2012, 'Star Walk' is a unique and beautiful listening experience that represents the passion and drive that both Astropilot and Altar records share in their love of music. Could this be Altar and Astropilot's final inspiration? We'll see!
Few tracks for the best vibes :
After being absent for a little while on Altar Records, Moscow based musician Nick Klimenko...
The 'Mars' journey can be described as follows 'Today, the solar system travels a near circular path around our galaxy, keeping a constant 30000 light years between us and the seething galactic core'. We once assumed most stars stayed in such quiet orbits for their entire lives. Our ride may have been more exciting. The characteristic spiral arms of a galaxy such as the Milky Way are waves of higher density, regions where stars and gas are a little closer together than elsewhere in our galaxy's disc. Their additional gravity is normally too weak to alter a star's path by much, but if the star's orbital speed happens to match the speed at which the spiral arm is itself rotating, then the extra force has more time to take effect.
'It's like surfers on the ocean if they're paddling too slow or too fast they don't get anywhere. They have to match the speed just right, and then they get pushed along'. Have a great trip through the Milky Way! The universal spectacle throughout was shaped for admiration and delight, grand in itself alone, but in that breach through which the homeless voice of waters rose, that dark deep thoroughfare, had nature lodged the soul, the imagination of the whole enjoy!
Few tracks for your mood :
In the ancient world there are many mysteries, but none as perplexing as those found in the Mayan culture.The Maya were noted as well for elaborate and highly decorated ceremonial architecture, including temple-pyramids, palaces and observatories, all built without metal tools.They are regarded as the inventors of many aspects of Meso-American cultures including the first calendar and hieroglyphic writing in the Western hemisphere. Unlocking the Secrets of a Lost Civilization, Maiia's album Sacred Knowledge of Ancient Civilizations' will transport you straight out in the middle of a magical forest of emerald.This is also an ode to Shamans which makes rites of passage to carry the sacral knowledge, keeping the continuum between civilizations.This way the study on the ancient rituals of the initiation of Mayans enables better understanding of cultures that maintain harmonic relations with the natural environment, their value system and logic of the relations with the world of nature.The use of their experience by our modern civilization would help to create more harmonic and internallyunified culture, overcome the negative experience of the consuming society.Ritual trance journeys have been a vital part of shamanic and eastern dance cultures for thousands of years. Our contemporary approach to Trance Dance brings together the richness of these ancient rituals with some startlingly effective modern techniques. The end result is access into the deeper realms of our self and the universe... a glimpse into the mystical world that lies beneath our normal perceptions ofreality

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Album "Between two points"
Zymosis is a psychedelic-ambient project which has brought it's own bright light to psy-culture over the past 14 years.
Four years ago these Ukranian pioneers debuted with 'Elements Into Data', an album that became widely cherished among psychillers, Goaheads, and ambient lovers alike. This release gave us a unique organic experience comprised of world music inspirations and shamanic sounds seamlessly fused with elements of psychedelic trance.
Now arrives the long awaited follow-up 'Between Two Points'! With this newest offering, expect nothing less than a fantastic emotional album featuring remixes of Shulman's widely acclaimed track 'The Unexpected Visitor', a solid collaboration with Seamoon, and last but not least a nice melodic track from their first album remixed by none other than Micky Noise.

Few tracks for your mood :
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