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ASTROPILOT - Exclusive interview

Today we publish our exclusive interview with one of the leading artists of Downtempo World- Russian based project Astropilot.


1) Few words about your project,please.
Hi folks! My name is Dmitriy, mainly I known under my music project AstroPilot. I make music for last 15 years and I create psychedelic chillout/progressive music since 2005. From the beginning of this project I made psychill with some ethnic vibes, but after some years I slowly moved to music with spacy atmospheres and slow progressive/trance beats, someones call it chillgresive, also I make totally beatless space ambient music.

2) Why did you choose downtempo electronic music?
Well I listened to psychedelic trance music since middle of 90s, and in 00s my very first music sketches were in psy-trance music, and after some time I got tired from trance and I focused more on slow rhythms as listener and as musician. And I found myself in it. Since that time I tried many genres, so now I would like to say that I don't make some exact genre of music, I make music that could includes elements from many music genres. I try to stay from limits of music styles, I try to make something my own.

3) Do you make a difference between Psybient and Psychill?
Music critics invent musical genres, then I just make music that I like, I can't decide how to call it, it's up to listeners.

4) What is the source of your inspiration?
Love, life, travel, books.

5) Downtempo for you - Lifestyle, subculture, just a genre?
Now downtempo for me is just a word, I can listen to many kinds of music as well I can make many kinds of music, all depends of my mood and purpose.

6) Do you think that Psychedelic Downtempo is important part of Trance Festivals?
Sure, it is. I love multi-style events for many tastes and moods.

7) What around us- Nature, Space or... you can associate with chill out vibrations?
I think both. If you know about original meaning of ambient music is an ambience, so it could be nature and it could be space, depends of where you are :)

8) Can you please predict a future of Psychedelic Downtempo genre?
Mix of many genres but with some deep psychedelic vibe.
9) Please name few artists you can recommend.
From psychedelic scene: Cabeiri, Alwoods, Suduya, Tipper, Aes Dana, Merkaba.. It's really hard to choose some names since that time I became full-time musician. Sometimes I prefer silence instead of music :D I recommend listen to different music. My current favorite album is modern classical album - Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons.

10) What is your favorite place on Earth?
I love some quiet nature places - forests, mountains.. Every country has some variations of it. So it really hard to select one place. And there are many places in this planet that still wait me.

11) Your favorite Food
I'm vegetarian, so I like any fresh veggies and fruits.

12) Your favorite hobby
Travel, finding new interesting places.

13) Some words for Sunday Freak readers:
We are born in truth, but until we grow, we begin to believe the lies ... Scariest lie in human history - a lie about our imperfections..
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