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ALWOODS - Exclusive Interview

We love this guy and his music. Real genius, the founder of new  direction in psychedelic music and just a nice dude.
Sunday Freak e-Magazine proudly presents
Alwoods ( Altar records, Greece)
John Rigas (aka Alwoods)  was drawn to psychedelic music when he began Djing more than a decade ago. After a long time of experimenting with sound, learning to write, composing and studying music technology, finally arrived in Downtempo and Alwoods project came up in the field.

 Until so far, 2 full length albums are being produced. Aeolian Mode and Long Life Forest.

Alwoods draws inspiration from his love of nature, the elements, and his time spent in the Greek mountainside. Moreover, from all journeys, festivals and beautiful places that he visited all around in the world.

 "Aeolian Mode" is an album full of soft driving beats wrapped in thick psychedelic auras that is perfect for stimulating the energies of a new day. Natural sounds, bright atmospheres, and pulsing energies create a wondrous audio experience that fuses morning sounds with deep ambience. Each sound hits your ears with thick bass lines that vibrate and resonate your ear drums and your entire being.

"Long Life Forest" is John’s second full-length album. Beautiful melodies accompany driving bass-lines as energies are lifted and sustained by John's signature 4/4 kick. Every song is a unique piece of art in itself, and the quality and craftsmanship reflect the time taken to produce the entire album.

His albums have been released from Altar rec, but he also has released single tracks and remixes in Plusquam rec, Omnimoon rec, Atmospheric rec.

Also, Alwoods has appearances in Great Events like :

- PsyMind 2012, ORiON 2014 Canada
- Ometeotl festival 2014 Mexico
- Aristofreaks 2013 , Systo Gathering 2014 Russia
- Tangra Festival 2012 Bulgaria
- The Xperiment 2012 Ukraine
- Modern Shamanism 2013 Malta
- Spirit Base 2012 Hungary
- Ambient Revolution #3 2012 Greece
(and this summer ‘’Seli Mountain Gathering’’ 2014 and ‘’Sonica festival’’ 2014 Italy)

1)So,  "ALWOODS" what does it mean?
There are two meanings for me, firstly that feels to me as All Woods literally, all the woods of the world, and secondly, there was a period that a passing by asteroid named Alwoods by its discoverer and I kinda liked the name.

2) What planet are you from?
Totally Earth! Nature, Sea, Sky, Mountains, nowhere else this beauty.

3) Why did you choose downtempo electronic music?
After a long period in Psy music, I wanted to try something new for me. My path began and lead me to downtempo, keeping psy vibes and elements of my beloved tunes but at the same time adding atmospheric natural sounds, in lower bpm.

4) Which space area your music comes to us ?
Planet of imagination

5) Do you make a difference between Psybient and Psychill?
I don’t think that there is a significant difference between those two genres, but for me Psybient comes with a bit more movement of soul and body, with 4/4 kick.

6) You have two albums this kind of music? Which you like more? Tell me, please a few words about both?
Basically, the first one is more atmospheric and slower in comparison with the second one. Second one has higher tempo, and has sounds that reminds me also progressive elements and psychedelic atmosphere. I can’t really say that I prefer one more than other, I have beloved tracks both from first and second album.

7) What kind of connection do you have with your friends from outer space?
We are still on cable connection… haven’t upgrade to wireless!! LoL

8) Downtempo for you - Lifestyle, subculture, just a genre?
Downtempo is for me my life at this moment, who knows, it might get evolved…

9) Do you think that Psychedelic Downtempo is important part of Trance Festivals?
Of course it’s important, because I think they are parallel genres, and one is attached and surface the other, so that it can exists absolute balance and travel within the sounds of both genres.

10) Can you please predict a future of Psychedelic Downtempo genre?
There is already evolution in Downtempo, and I see that more progressive and trance elments make appearance these days. Sometimes, the magic is just wait and see

11) Please name few artists you can recommend.
Cabeiri, Astropilot, Suduaya, Asura, Carbon based lifeforms

12) What is your favorite place on Earth?
Olympos Mountain! So spiritual place! Area of enlightenment to me!

13) Your favorite Food
Greek gyros

14) Your favorite hobby?
Videogames, Pool, weekend journeys and trekking

15) Some words for Sunday Freak readers:
Thank you so much for your support! It’s so essential to me, seems soon that we will all have new experiences from Alwoods to enjoy!
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