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Dj Tristan

We were keeping this interview for a while to publish it exactly in that Peace-Love-Freedom-Happiness edition. After you will listen to that home style talking, you will understand why…
Apart of being superb Dj, one of the veterans of Goa trance scene, this guy is simply fantastic person. He is the Dj, who stays on the dance floor all the time – before and after his set- rocking and blasting with the crowd. According to the amount of his bookings on the festivals and parties all over the World we can admit him as psy Trance Dj No1 on the World for few years already.
But he always finds a place for his beautiful house on the sea shore and his beloved paradise – Goa. So we just caught him in his backyard on Anjuna, put him on the sofa…And decided to talk about many things, but absolutely not about music.
Today is our honour to present an exclusive interview for Sunday Freak e-Magazine with DJ TRISTAN/ NANO rec/ UK
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