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Ozora Festival - Hungary - 29 July/ 03 Aug 2014

29 July/ 03Aug 2014
O.Z.O.R.A. is the space of our alternate reality which we build up ourselves and with each other year-by-year. People from all around the world come to this exceptionally unblemished haven of nature for a whole week to share their own worlds and their emotions and thoughts with each other.
It’s a playground where we learn to share and care, to express, connect, unify, beautify the world around us, in us. A universe of openness, togetherness, reaching out to cosmic energies, to nature, to wholeness through dance, trance, creation, invention, transformation and peace.


In 1999 you could see the total eclipse of the sun from Hungary. Ozora was the perfect place for the one-day-long open-air celebration and more than 20, 000 people took part in the event. Five years later in 2004 the happening came to life again: the tribe recaptured the Valley under the name of Sonar Plexus. From 2005 it started growing as O.Z.O.R.A. Festival and by 2010 it had become one of the world's most influential psychedelic tribal gatherings.

The festival is a continuous realization of a conscious, well composed concept, expanding and evolving right before your eyes, and at the peak of which last year stood the Main Stage and the two towers appearing on the dancefloor, which with their animated day and night-time visions acted as forerunners of the overall composition you'll experience for the first time this year.
The creators of the Main Stage decoration in 2014 will be the festival's own team, he O.Z.O.R.A. Deco Team, made up of people who live and breathe with the festival 365 days a year.

Though many Ozorian Crew members also play a part in the creation process, most of the work, including the final designs, artistic concept and realization will be done by the TRIXX Deco Team who have been proving themselves worthy of creating amazing deco and visuals for 15 years on the scene and at the festival. We mustn't forget to mention the crew responsible for the festival's technical-mechanical elements and especially SOULDUST, who's bringing the towers to life and is, by the way, one of the very first of the Hungarian goa/psy deco designers and creators. A led technikarol a Healium deco team fiatal legenysege gondoskodik. No more spoilers, just to make sure that the deco and visual experience is as mindblowing as it should be every year.

LINE UP - Ajja (CH) Ankur (DE) Antispin (UK) Astral Projection (IL) Atoned Splendor (CN) Audioform (GR) Aurafood (HU) Braincell (CH) Celli (SP) Chris Rich (UK) Chromatone (US) Cosmo (SI) Dataura (UK) Deedrah (FR) Dick Trevor (UK) Dolphin (HU) Dr Space (HU) Dust (IT) Earthspace (BR) Easy RIders (IL) Egorythmia (MK) Electrypnose (CH) Enichkin (RU) Everblast (SP / US) Fagin's Reject (UK) Fasma (GR) Goa Jonas (DE) Goatika (IN) Görgő (HU) Haldolium (DE) Hatta (JP) Headroom (ZA) Hruscsov (HU) Ianuaria (AT) Janux (IN) Justin Chaos (AR) Kalumet (HU) Kloud9 (CA) Kox Box (DK) Kristian (GI) Krumelur (SW) Lorraine (UK) Magusa (UK) Martian Arts (GR) Microdot Vs. Riff Ruff (AT) Nigel (IN) Nuky (PT) Otezuka vs Progmatic (FR) Ozric Tentacles (UK) Poli (US) PsiloCybian (HR) Psionic Entity (UK) Rastaliens (CH / DE) Rocky (IL) RR & Chicago (AU / US) Scorb (UK) Shotu (FR) Sinerider (UK) Sour One (PL) Southwild (DE) Spectra Sonics (JP) Star Sounds Orchestra vs Irina Mikhailova (DE/KZ) Sychotria (BR) Thatha (BR) Touch Tone (UK) Toxic (CAT) Tristan (UK) Tsubi (HU) Uru (HU) Virtual Light (CA) Waio (BR) Whiptongue (BR) Xpiral (BR) Yab Yum (CH) Zen Mechanics (NL) Zentura (IL / NL)
"Nature, magic, space, the future, alchemy, symmetry, geometry, beauty. These are the inspirations behind the visual landscapes we create, and we are blissed out to be a part of Ozora 2014." - The DELIRIA Deco Crew

After their impressive decorations at loads of international psychedelic gatherings such as Boom Festival 2004 and 2006 (Portugal); Sonica Festival 2005, 2013 (Italy); Solstice Festival 1999 (Japan); Shambhala Music festival 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012 (Canada); Orb Festival 2009 (USA); Eclipse Festival 2007, 2008, 2014 (Montreal); Astral Harvest 2008 - 2013 (Canada), as well as most of Mexico´s top events and festivals, the Mexican DELIRIA Deco crew is coming to Ozora to represent their vision of the '14 Ozorian Chill dome.

LINE UP - Ajja Vs Tania (CH) Aliji (UK) Benny Ill aka Horsepower (UK) Bill Robin (UK / GER) Brando Lupi (ITA) Celt Islam feat. Irina Mikhailova (UK/USA) Chillin Berlin (GER) Clairvo (HU) Dj Fada (BR) DJ Nod (USA - UK) Dymons (CH) E.S.P. (UK) Giani (Italy / UK) Hadron Orchestra (HU) Higher Intelligence Agency (UK) Hila (IL / GER) Ishdub (MEX / ITA) Josko (ITA / UK) Leftfield (UK) Mahi (IN) Mental (ITA / HU) MixMaster Morris (UK) Naked Nick (UK) Nick Interchill (UK) Nova (Italy / UK) Nuno (BRl) Rhythmfeeler (ARG) Slackbaba (UK) Spectralite (UK) Steiner (HU) Sukhush (USA) T.S.R. (SWE) Tale (ITA) Tengri (MK) Tripswitch (UK) Tsubi Dub (HU) Utero (HU) Vlastur meets Irina Mikhailova feat. Dark Elf (GR - USA) Wave Shaper (UK / JAP) Youth (UK) Zen Baboon (POR)
Last year the Magic Garden's Dragon Nest made a path through the psychedelic strawberry fields", paved by amazing artists like Suns of Arqa, Konono N°1 , Wild Marmalade, Gáyan Uttejak Orchestra Limited and also the masters of experimental world fusion music, Beats Antique all the way from Oakland, California. This summer, the beasts who gather and bring the Nest alive will be no less exciting and varied. The Dragon Nest 2014 experience is sure to leave you fired up and breathless again, or maybe just as enchanted, if not more.

LINE UP - Abdeljalil Kodssi & Atlas Austria Express (MA / AT) African Head Charge (UK) Amanantu (ES / CL / VE) Baris K (TR) Csángálló (HU) Davaj Sound (HU / CZ) Dj Bodoo (HU) Dorombal (HU) Fatou & Khamsa Tribe (HU) Felix Lajko And His Band (HU / CS) Filastine & Nova (US/ID) Freedom Café Quartet (HU/ES) Gáyan Uttejak Orchestra Limited (HU) Grabanc (HU) Ilhaam Project (FR/IL) Korai Trancemission (HU) Man Ex Maqina (ES) Mantismash & Nodens Ictus (UK) Matibhrama (FR) Matsumoto Zoku (JP) Mohammad Reza Mortazavi (IR) morcX (HU) Nickodemus (US) Óperentzia (HU) Ott & The All-Seeing I (UK) Reaching The Roots (IN / LT / DK) Shanti People (UA) Thaalavattam (IN) Wadada & Youth UK) Wild Marmalade feat. Paul George & Udi Ben Knaan (AU / IL)
An entity on its own within the festival, has existed from the very beginning, since the 1999 Solipse. Since the rebirth of O.Z.O.R.A., Pumpui has always been more than a simple location. It is a manifold communal space - where you can wake up having breakfast, relax while snacking, enjoy your daily cinema input and also experience your best before- and after-partying. During the past few years their stage was home to the cream of the local and foreign performers.

LINE UP - Ad-M & Yury (HU) Alic (DE) Almond Lama & Disandat (HU) Andre psytek (DE) Anonim Flow (HU) Atom Device (Live) (GR) Aurafood (HU) B4 aka Botond & Bolint (HU) Bernathy Zsiga (HU) Bit Busters (HU) Chris Pilee (GR) D-nox & Beckers (DE) D-Twin (GR) Double:U (PL) Dr Space (HU) Eitan Reiter (IL) Edoardo (IT) Faktor X (HU) Format C (HU) Fraser (HU) Fungus (HU) Geisha (HU) Gezu & Pétör (HU) Global Frequency (AT) Gorgo (HU) Henzi (HU) Jack (HU) Karmameleon Kass & Fennel (Dj Set) (GR) Katamii (HU) Katja (HU) Krammer (HU) Lank (HU) Leo (HU) Makusu & Mélange Orange (DE) Mantracadabra (HU) Massive Moloco (HU) Mental (I) Miso (HU) Monga (HU) Monolit (HU) Nasca (HU) Nils (HU) Nton (HU) Paralell Dialog (HU) Petrovszky (HU) Piotr & Gerő (HU) Psyletzky (HU) Reti (HU) Sampi (HU) SHX (Live Set) (HU) Szamy (HU) Szundi & Tattoo (HU) Tash (GR) Tsubi (HU) Twang (HU)

more visionary art. KEYWORDS: family farming, crystallography and the Voronoi concept.
MIRADOR - The new tower and art gallery of Visionary Art crowns and elevates not only the new exhibition area but also the colorfulness of the festival's overall visual culture, a new addition to the endlessly evolving and expanding playground experience. This new Ozorian landmark stands for an especially thrilling and spectacular milestone in our culture. A tower of visionary art, both a lookout and an outlook on an alternative visual world, offering insight into the mind, imagination, worldview and soul of the artists, opening windows unto the abyss above and below. As we call it, Mirador, where technical and artistic inventiveness and exploration is interwoven with psychedelic, spiritual and mystic atmospheres and symbols, where the festival's musical universe and ancient transcendental cultures merge into an even deeper and more lasting multisensory experience. The tower art gallery will also be home to some amazing live painting, workshops and lectures by e.g. Android Jones (USA), Re:Sorb (DE), Ihti Anderson (UKR), The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art (A / I), Laurence Caruana (FR), Martin Cash (USA), Timea Tallian (A), Benedetto Fellin (A), Quen Di (SK), Inkbrushnme (IN), Jake Kobrin (USA), Subliquida (I), Bios (HU), Emma Watkinson (UK), NekoPix (HU), Norbert Papp (HU), Manu Morvan (FR), Daniel Rotenberg (IS) and many more artworks from other visionary artists.

We hope you love it as much as we do! And always stay visionary!

The first Ozorian Prophet was published at Ozora in 2012 in an edition of 5000 copies daily for 1 week during the festival. Since October 2012 the Prophet is issued monthly online with the latest news and curiosities with the same layout in PDF. From January 2014 we started the online version. About our goals:

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After a long night in Camden, before a late Israeli breakfast in the neighborhood of Ben Gurion Street, walking between two ruin pubs in downtown Budapest, hanging around in Tokyo or Cape Town, travelling festivalgoers can get their hard copy tickets in more and more places around the world. Buying tickets via the Internet, however, seems to cause much more headache. There are three websites where you can purchase tickets online:

O.Z.O.R.A. WEBSITE - With the method directly available on the Ozora website, first you have to register with your email address to the Psychedelic Tribal Association. After this you have to give your name, which will appear on the ticket. Clicking on the 'Buy a voucher' button you are directed to a Paypal webpage where you can pay via your account or with your debit card. After a successful transaction, you get an invoice from Paypal and a voucher from O.Z.O.R.A. Festival with the name of the ticket owner and the voucher number (with a picture and a barcode).
With this voucher you can get your festival wristband at the gates.

ACCESS ALL AREAS - On the Access All Areas webpage you can choose from several payment methods: Credit/Debit card, Cheque (U.K. orders only) or bank transfer. You can get your voucher by email, post or in person at the Camden office.

HADRA WEBSITE - On the Hadra webpage, after you have chosen how many tickets you would like to buy, you have to register. After the registration, you can choose from three payment methods: bank transfer, debit card or cheque. You receive your voucher with its serial number by email.


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