PaySafeCard is a prepaid card with which you can make purchases on the Internet. Today this type of electronic payments is very popular in many European countries and not only. Basically, PaySafeCard is a voucher with pin-code and a certain amount of money on it. The cards come in denominations of 10, 25, 50 and 100 euros. Total in the world today there are 450,000 points of sale cards PaySafeCard. Unfortunately, in Russia, these cards are not sold, but we will talk about this further.

There are two ways to work with cards PaySafeCard

The first involves the purchase of the card itself of a certain denomination, and then to make a payment on the Internet will need to enter a 16-digit PIN code. This option is not suitable for residents of Russia, as the cards are simply not sold in Russia.

To use the second option, you need to register with a system called mypaysafecard. Mypaysafecard is an online account through which the user has the ability to manage their PINs. In other words, there is no need to buy a physical card, just purchase a pin code, which corresponds to a certain denomination. And this method can be used in Russia with the help of the electronic payment system Webmoney.

The biggest plus of payment cards PaySafeCard is anonymity and security. The fact that to make a payment or purchase does not need to enter any personal information. A minus is the fact that the maximum denomination of the card is only 100 euros, that is, if you need to make an expensive purchase or you want to deposit to the casino for a large sum, then you have to use several cards.

Since PaySafeCard is a prepaid card, it is impossible to withdraw money from the online casino.

In order to make a deposit to an online casino with PaySafeCard, you must select the appropriate payment method, indicate the desired amount and enter the pin code card. In most cases, the transfer of money is quite fast.

Pros of using online Paysafe casinos can be considered anonymity and reliability.

Disadvantages are the absence of cards PaySafeCard in Russia, the impossibility to withdraw money on them and a rare occurrence in domestic online casinos.