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This news blog by partners Akida Promo will keep you informed about various international festivals, labels and artists tours! Suggested Festivals, Festival - Label - Artist of the Month, Gigs/Tours and much more on Djs, music and scene fresh news!

Hello Hello!  we are heading fast to our next adventures!
On behalf of all of us @ Akida Promo, we wish you a happy, healthy, creative new year, full of amazing festivals, parties and music! 
Many nice festivals will hit us in 2014, we will keep you informed for some of the best of them!
Definitely Suggested event for 2014 is ZAGOA FESTIVAL in Morocco. Once upon a time in the desert... One day, in the Moroccan Sahara, in a bright and clear sky, twinkling stars at the foot of dunes, Zagoa was born in this wilderness...Be ready for a new chapter that will awaken your senses! 5 days and 5 nights of sound and visual experiences, blending different artistic disciplines, will make your emotions speaking. Join us from 14 to 19 May 2014, to live this 2nd chapter and celebrate together the "Full Moon Ceremony" to mark the beginning of this magical adventure. The desert cannot be told... It’s experienced!!
Another new & fresh greek festival, but from very experienced organizers, will be hosted in 2014, FREE EARTH FESTIVAL, happening for the 2nd year at Ancient Olympia, Alfios River, Peloponese. 14 - 18 August 2014 and right after Boom & Ozora, head to Greece for some amazing holidays and party! Free Earth is a collaboration of like-minded dedicated Psychedelic Freedom Fighters determined to bring back the vibe to the outdoor party scene. A family gathering at an amazing camping river beach location! Last year, 1000 happy faces enjoyed the amazing nature of the venue, for 4 nights. This year longer, better and improved, for 5 nights and with unique djs & acts to support the musical part of it! River, Beach, Full shaded camping, good friends, good food, good facilities and good music. what else can u ask for? …
As suggested release for this month, we definitely suggest the new album of FULL FACE - "The flower of partysan", to be released soon on Pixan Recordings. The long awaited second full length solo album of Full Face is ready! Flower of the Partysan, as every Full Face release, is not just a pay-trance album, it's concept, it's a message and most importantly is the declaration of an ideal that we hope is still alive in all of us: Freedom. So again and again, stand for your right to dance, enjoy and think, no crisis can stop the life that is within us, holding flowers in our hands and keeping hope in our hearts! Full Face is the solo project of Doros Grigoropoulos from Corfu, Greece. Get it original! Support the artists & labels! Last but not least, don't forget to attend the unique parties in Goa! See you all next week! BOOM! Mike
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