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Yesterday all Freaks World was united to celebrate the 108th birthday anniversary of the man who truly changed our universe and whose invention changed the life of millions of people on this planet. We dedicate this Sunday Freak edition to Albert Hofmann- genius scientist, experimenter and The Dreamer. "Here are experiences that most of us are hesitant to speak about, because they do not conform to everyday reality and defy rational explanation.
These are not particular external occurrences, but rather events of our inner lives, which are generally dismissed as figments of the imagination and barred from our memory. Suddenly, the familiar view of our surroundings is transformed in a strange, delightful, or alarming way: it appears to us in a new light, takes on a special meaning. Such an experience can be as light and fleeting as a breath of air, or it can imprint itself deeply upon our minds." Great words of great man. Let's follow them.. Chief Editor
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