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This is a place for partylovers - you can check weekly for our top recommended and supported events. Enjoy your stay in Goa as much as you can. We remind you that the Drugs and Alchohol are not good for you. Think about it.

Today we highly recommend you only one possibility. It is happening only once in a year, and it is truly the main Goa Dance gathering for the last 13 years.

Russian X-Mas Fest is the most exited, well prepared and awaited annual event in dance paradise of Goa. For the last 12 years the best World's Djs, artists, VJs and performers unite thousands people to celebrate together a happiness of that magic day. Russian Christmas is the main mystic celebration for all Russians. And the best reason to celebrate 48 hours non stop party.

Russian trance parties are famous and beloved by the Goa trance tribe since the end of the 90-s. And 2001 was the first time when Russian based "Goa Freaks Community" decided to spread its vision in your psychedelic brains. Since that day, even in a hard times when all parties were banned, RXF dance floor sound was blowing Goa for at least 2 days. Year by year the the festival has reached the maximum level of production, decoration, hi-technological achievements and the line up, of course. Every year it surprise the attenders with the new concept, that develops the annual story of multidimensional travelling of Santa the Russian , started in 2001.

This year the concept of the event is the ultimate space battle between Santa and Aliens World for Christmas.

The special attraction of this edition is the Third World - the Visionary Art Gallery by Luke Brown.

You can find all information you need on the official website of the Festival - http://www.goa-freaks.com/russian-xmas Or read all about it in every edition of our Goa Daily News of the past week.

For those who about to blast we Salute you! And see you on the dancefloor



22.00-00.00 ArtyOm

00.00-1.00- Kabayun Live

01.00-02.30 Govinda

02.30-04.00 EVP Live

06.00-07.30 Djamal

07.30-09.00 Nishan

09-10.30 Karan

10.30-12.00 Chicago



16.00-17.30 Etic Live

17.30-19.30 Ozzi Tribadelic

19.30 - 21.00 Starling

21.00-22.30 Reality Grid Live

22.30-00.00 Stu Shanka



00.00-01.30 XPVooDoo

1.30-3.00 - Tomas 303

3.00-4.30 - Zhannet

4.30-5.30 Z-Cat.

5.30 -7.00 - Sashi

7.00-9.00 - Psart

9.00- end - Surprise DJ



00.00-02.00 Shy O

02.00-04.00 Alien(Eye)ator

04.00-06.00 Raimund Imo

06.00-09.00 Axhailes Solar

09.00-11.00 Nelio


Pool Party


11.00-13.00 Annia

13.00-16.00 Vadim Danilov

16.00-18.00 High

18.00-20.00 Dupont


Russian Techno Stars Night

20.00-22.00 Daodar

22.00-00.00 Denis A

00.00-01.30 Lena Popova

01.30-03.30 Drive

03.30-5.00 Timur Mamedov

5.00-6.30 Alexander Smyth

6.30-8.00 Goatika


We are trying to do every edition more and more special, and this time we have a lot of surprises for you. And presents. So, here is one of them - funny gallery of hilarious and promotional artworks for Russian Xmas Fest 2014.

Look and like:)

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