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Parvati Records

Parvati Records
was born in Denmark as an independent record label in the summer of year 2000, founded by Dj Giuseppe and a small group of friends.
The concept behind the project was to release the underground music produced at that time when only few major Labels were present in the scene, Labels like TIP, Flying Rhino, Matsuri Prod. The goal was and still is to create a platform for new producers, to create a group where artists could collaborate and exchange knowledge and experiences so to contribute actively to the growth of the Psy-trance scene and  spread the development of the Psychedelic culture expressed through Music.

The first 3 cds published by Parvati Records were Compilations presenting the new psychedelic sound being played and circulating around in the Goa parties, focusing on projects as Droidsect/Digital Talk. The first breakthrough come just after with the Albums of Psychotic Micro vs Azax Syndrom (Voices Of Madness-2003) and the first Album by Russian artist Kindzadza (Waves from Outer Space -2004).

In the next years, in middle of 2000', Parvati Records focused on the new upcoming Scandinavian sound that we believe created the base for the so called Forest Trance, publishing music produced by artists like Derango, Jahbo, Meteloids, Grapes Of Wrath, Mussy Moody, Hokus Pokus. The main CD released in this time, in between several Compilations, was the split album Meteloids / Grapes Of Wrath – Tits On Fire, considered as one of the “classic” of the Label.

In the last years of the past decade and in the beginning of this one Parvati Records scouted again the international music scene bringing up the original psychedelic sound of artists like Para Halu from Hungary, Naked Tourist from Germany and Macedonian producers Atriohm & Encephalopaticys, all of them releasing their Albums and, beside them, introducing more producers with the Parvatrip V/A Trilogy continuing in the work of discovering and bringing up new talents, signing up artists as Arjuna, Farebi Jalebi, Vertical, Archaic and up to today with a new generation of producers from Europe, Brasil and the Far East.


In the year 2010 Parvati Records celebrated the 10th Anniversary organizing an alternative Stage inside the Full Moon Festival in Germany, a party  that is remembered as one of the main Gathering for the underground psy-trance scene ever and in the same year the Label dropped out from the main distribution music system, opening its own shop online and being in this way one of the few totally independent Labels: producing, printing and distributing itself the Music released. In year 2012 Parvati Records started to publish, beside the cds poduction, music in Digital format only.

Up to today  Parvati Records have released music composed by 85 different projects, 30 CDs and 13 Digital Eps and counts in the Artist Rooster 34 producers:  we like to think that this is the concrete application of the Label’s motto: “Diversity into Unity” where the Unity is given by the common psychedelic research and the Diversity by the individual inspirations and expressions.

Parvati Records is operating during the winter months from Goa, where Giuseppe is based since many years and this is absolutely one of the main factor to explain the growth and popularity of the Label, being Goa the main hub of Psy-Trance music and culture, where everything starts and everybody in the scene meets.

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