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Bom Shanka Records

Bom Shanka Music, the continuing story of the most psychedelic trance label of the 2000's.

It all started in Turkey 2006, it was the day after the solor eclipse sometime in April. Al and stu were great friends for years, living together in Goa and generally having a blast taking the piss out of people and taking far too many psychedelics. Al had been making music for 3 years and had started a little project called psymmetrix with his geeky mate Richie, they had already been on (and dropped from) the two London based labels Liquid recs and Wildthings recs, then after falling into slight dispair they joined the short lived phar-psyde recs.
Things were not looking good.
Back in turkey and the day after the eclipse, stu and al were in a slightly more lucid moment, moaning about the amount of shit trance there was around at the time, remember that trance had really gone downhill from its high point in the late 90's- early 2000's. So something had to be done. simple as that. "Lets just start our own label then" Al said to stu. We just release proper good psychedelic dance music - direct from the dancefloor! and that became our motto as we were just a couple of freaks that wanted to improve the situation of the dancefloor. Ok so so far so good. We had an idea of what we wanted to do, release killer shit the thing was though, we had no idea how to do it.
Lucky for us richie is a geek and we started to work out how to make and release a cd. The name of our label wasn't hard to come up with and getting a website up wasn't hard either, and in fact getting the distribution deal was super easy as well, no the hardest thing was getting 9 good trance tracks all together at once without any fuck ups. We had some help from of the legendary alex parasence who had heard us play together in the disaster of a festival 'rhythms in pieces' in morocco later in the summer of 2006, and with his help and influence the first cd was compiled and released in September 2007. It was called 'The Solution'. Now this part is really interesting so read carefully:
On exactly the same day as we released our first cd, the biggest terrorist in the world Osama bin ladin released his latest lecture on his view of how the world should be, and the name of the paper he published?? it was also called 'The Solution'.
So Lets fast forward to to 2014 and have a little re-cap, we have released 13 cd's and 5 ep's. We have 13 different live acts and 12 dj's. Our artists have plated on every continent and at most of the psy trance festivals in the world, shall name them? to be honest i cant be bothered, but please believe me when i say that we still dance like lunatics on the dancefloor, we still take too many psychedelics, although not as often as we did and we still just love trance, and Goa and the type of people that go to parties.
Thanks for listening.


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