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Altar Records

Progressive chillout, Psybient, Psychill downtempo and Space-ambient label born in 2009

Altar Records is a not-for-profit music label that was born from a passion for music and a desire to assist artists with the development and recognition of their creativity.
The artists we work with receive 100% of the profits for their efforts on each album sold.
Altar Records prides itself in volunteering it's time and efforts for the betterment of it's artists. We do this because love of music is our driving passion and we believe the artists we work with bring something beautiful and unique into this world.
Being a part of that process is our reason for being.

Label Interviews and philosophy:
An interview about Altar and DJ Zen by

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About Altar as being an Eco label:
Altar Records also funds 1with 1% of sales, a NGO for the Planet.
What has BlueFairy learn?
  • Where do you come from? Few words about you…
“I was born in France and moved out to Quebec (Canada) in 1996 after travelling there few times between 1988 and 1993. It’s at an early age, I thank my parents for it, that I was exposed to a variety of musical styles. Very young I was immersed in the music universe and especially thanks to my father who was a fan of Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis. Since 2002, I compose electronic music under the name of DJ Zen and Astral Waves and I manage the Label Altar Records that I founded in 2009.”
  • Why did you start Altar Records (your history)?
“I play mostly Chill, psybient, Psy-Dub, Downtempo, melodic trance and electro-dub-experimental. I always had a high interest and respect for the environment and nature. I used to feel naturally guilty not being in symbiosis with nature in the past when I was working for other employers. So when I created my own label I first started to think on how to reduce the maximum wastes and by producing CDs with the most natural procedure. This approach is aligned with my way of living today, my headquarters/home is located in the countryside in Canada (see below image). I am at 80% vegetarian and eat 100% organic food, I also recycle all my wastes, make compost and work a lot on my garden.
Altar Records Label 's Headquarters, Canada
Altar Records Label ‘s Headquarters, Canada
The first compilations and official mix I released was on September, 1st of 2003: “Peace Therapy Vol. 1”, where you can find 9 original tracks of Downtempo psychedelic for all those who like psybient, in which I composed 3 tracks. Two of these tracks are special since one featuring Khetzal and one remixing Sneila, a Romanian artist. Musician, graphic designer I finished my collaboration with Kagdila Records (USA) in February 2009 and started my own label Altar Records.”
You can read and discover the amazing discography of Dj Zen on his website to the following link:
  • What is an organic record?
“An organic CD is a compilation (or album) pressed in a factory in a very limited number of copies and where production methods respect all requirements of sustainable consumption. There are no waste produced, very little plastic used and the packing is made of paper which respect totally the strict norms of FSC -  The Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC guarantees that the wood and paper products you buy or sell come from healthy forest and which are protected by WWF Canada, Greenpeace and the Foundation David Suzuki. Of course, any music printed on this type of support can only have a positive effect for all J”
  • What is your philosophy about life? About psychedelic?
Think positive: reality is a creation of your mind
Link For this Interview:


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