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Summer almost here. we hope you also much excited like us, for the european festival season 2014! So many nice festivals! Hope you can make it to all!

Antaris Festival In July, celebrates 20 years, with a monster line up and amazing vibes! The Landing: From 11th July, 2014 to 14th July, 2014 – Under the full moon! The Starship has some amazing new elements. It can steam, shine, glitter, laser ... It will give us shadow during the day and lure us into other worlds by night. Even the bridge/stage has a new addition. A 5er-Multiscreen-Projection with spectacular pictures of the Universe and approximately 40 slide-projections around the dance floor will finish the optical effect off to perfection. For your audio-pleasure, the space shuttle has been equipped with tremendously powerful interstellular music transmitters. These convert the sound particles of the mass-connected Universal language of Trance, Progressive, Full-On, Techno, Electro and Ambient music to the highest levels of pleasure, joy and ecstasy and will entice thousands of people to dance, laugh and party. The Effect: During the four days and three nights our hearts will be refuelled with fresh, positive, pure party energy to enable The Starship to fullfill its next mission and fly on to further Galaxies. On board, direct on the decks, over 100 live acts and DJ´s of all nationalities will pump out the message of Friendship, Peace and Freedom to the rhythm of the Universe. With you all, Fabulous-Friends-of-Antaris, the mission of The Starship will succeed! Advance tickets for this unforgettable journey are available here Tickets
Then SPIRIT BASE Festival in Hungary, again in July, invites you to wonderland. the known festival was moved from Austria, to the hungarian borders, in a unique location. Worths visiting for sure! Check it out!
Then to the releases world…
Presenting a new progressive project this time! We have an internal fascination with the unknown. Those other creatures that we are meant to believe are vastly different from us. Some call it Alien Obsession, while some will argue that they are not alien at all, they are just like us, but different. Trying to understand different forms of life is a never ending journey, because the more we understand the other, the more we understand ourselves. This obsession can be moderated by Radial, aka Amir Ben Natan, from Israel. Amir is known for his Full-On project Chichke but Radial is his new Progressive Psy project that seeks to explore extra terrestrial lands. Armed with atmospheric, melodic, and groovy sounds, Radial will take you on a voyage to your soul. This Alien Obsession has exploded in various time periods when humans felt they had to get to the bottom of what is perceived as a foreign affair. Warning signs that said – Watch Out – were spread all over across nations and organizations that were mainly scared of anything that was not familiar to them. It might take some time until such life forms will receive a Standing Ovation for surviving conditions that humans could never go through, but before that there needs to be a better communication between the sides. After that, the sky is the limit! "Alien Obsession" EP out on 30 May from YSE Recordings.
For the artists tours world,
TRON EUROPEAN TOUR 2014 is hitting July & August and mexican artist will blast among others to Boom Festival, Antaris, Modem, Free Earth Festival and more to be announced!
See you all next week!
BOOM! Mike
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