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Which Freakstory should we pick up for this issue? All UFO’s area is a kind of Fairy tale sector, that based on non-existent and probably assumed facts. But one of the most unusual aspects of the UFO mystery is the Men in Black (MIB) phenomenon. It involves the subtle intimidation of UFO witnesses by strange visitors dressed almost entirely in black. The recent movies on the subject trivialised the whole issue, but what is the truth concerning MIB? Is it all just a baseless fantasy or is there really an agency that sends out darkly dressed men to secure peoples silence?
Years of amassed evidence points to a definite trend that is no mere illusion. In the 1950's a number of witnesses to UFO sightings claimed to have received threatening visits from men attired almost entirely in black. Typically they would be dressed in black suit and tie with matching trousers, and a black Homburg style hat.
The MIB would arrive in brand new cars, usually, though not exclusively black, which paradoxically would be outdated models, with number plates which later investigation showed had never been issued. Comporting themselves in a surreal almost ethereal manner the MIB would make thinly veiled threats of an unspecified nature. These were usually to the effect that details of the UFO sighting must remain a secret.
Telepathic Powers.
There is no evidence of any threats ever being acted upon, but the residing impression was one of a powerful, almost supernatural visitation with strange peculiarities. People visited this way have spoken of the MIB having telepathic powers of cognisance- knowing when they were being lied to and when they were being told the truth. The most disturbing aspect was that the MIB appeared to know intimate family details without there being any logical explanation of how they had come by this knowledge! In other words their whole demeanour was as "other worldly" as the UFO phenomenon itself. Other peculiarities include the fact that MIB, as the name implies are exclusively male, show scant knowledge of current world developments, behave awkwardly as if not altogether sure of their role, or as writer Hilary Evans puts it, as "if they are impersonating human beings".
Non Violent.
Curiously violence forms no part of the MIB's approach. They may loosely threaten a person with some vague promise of future misfortune, but direct violence is not in their repertoire. Often their dialogue is stilted and forced, with the hint of an indefinite accent, using laboured syntax that sounds like someone using a language that is not their own. Much of the menace associated with MIB does not so much concern any physical violence as a mental psychological intimidation that often stays with contacties for some time afterwards. Critics like to ascribe the phenomenon to a mental aberration, but this ignores the widespread incidence of MIB visits. They were originally thought of in terms of an "American thing", something which happened only in the USA. However MIB visits have been reported in a wide variety of countries, spanning at least three decades.
In that time there have been many such incidents of which the following are just a sampling.
The Bender Mystery.
The defining incident, and one much reported occurred in September 1953. Albert Bender founder of the International Flying Saucer Bureau claimed to have discovered the full truth concerning UFO's. He promised to publish his findings in his very own journal. However a visitation from three MIB persuaded him otherwise. In his own description of the incident Bender claimed his was overcome by an attack of dizziness and went to lie down. Suddenly he noticed "three shadowy figures in the room. All of them were dressed in black clothes". Continues Bender: "The eyes of all three figures suddenly lit up like flashlight bulbs....It was then I sensed they were conveying a message to me by telepathy". The message urged him not to publish his findings, and also persuaded him to close down his organisation. A request Bender was only too happy to comply with.
The Templeton Affair.
In England an ordinary family snapshot taken in the Lake District in 1964 produced unexpected results. After processing, the Templetons were amazed to find the photo included the figure of a space suited alien who was not visible at the time of exposure. Subsequent media interest resulted in an unusual visit from men in dark suits. They asked Mr Templeton to accompany them to the scene of the sighting, and once there grilled him to accept the incident was nothing out of the ordinary. When he refused, the men became irritated and drove off abandoning Mr Templeton on lonely Burgh Marsh.
The Christiansen Encounter.
In 1967 the Christiansen family from New Jersey, USA, had a bewildering encounter with a hovering UFO. Shortly afterwards they were visited by a strange man in black wearing a badge engraved with unusual insignia. Inviting himself inside the man proceeded to question the family for nearly an hour. They described him as massively tall wearing a long black coat, and a Russian style fur hat complete with dark visor. Most frightening of all were his ominously bulging eyes and tinny computer like voice. The family also noticed what appeared to be wires running down the inside of the man’s leg. Wires that actually appeared to penetrate the skin, and were held in place by a large round spot. When the man left the house he walked to the edge of the pavement where he was picked up by a black Cadillac with dimmed headlights and tinted glass windows.
The Rumworth Lodge incident. 1976
In England a 17 year old witness to a UFO sighting was reduced to tears by two dark suited visitors who interrogated her at home in front of her parents. The men insisted she relate the incident to no-one - least of all to UFO investigators. A curious feature of the visit was that although it was raining when the men came their coats were completely dry.
Who are they?
The identity of the MIB is just as elusive as anything else to do with UFO's. Government agencies, the CIA, as well as alien entities have been put forward as answers. But as always the real truth seems as elusive as ever.
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