Dear reader! We proudly present you the new revolutionary media product of goa-freaks.com - Sunday Freak Magazine. At 12 am of that day every week we will publish here different materials and articles from and about Psychedelic World, that will satisfy all your informational needs.Video Interviews with interesting and special people - World's trance news - Psychedelic culture aspects - scientific and anti scientific facts - crazy theories proves - Goa Parties photo reports - future coming events and many more.
Check it attentively- we put a lot of efforts to make it nice and adoptable for all of you, Freaks!
Enjoy and check the website for more actions.
Our life in Goa is full of surprises, that Mother Nature gives you with the Power of Shiva.
The main of them is that in one moment the brain opens its creative part and start to produce brave and innovative ideas. From the other hand the next surprise is that you feel so lazy living this shanti life , that more of this ideas are disappearing in the history with chillum's smoke. Paradox. I am sure if all the dreams in the head of Goa people will come true, Humanity will be changed in good once and forever. But that's also my dream, not a reality. In real life we have to move the ass and transform the ideas into the happenings.
So we trying to do with all goa-freaks.com projects, whatever it is - website by itself, parties productions, videos, events... Last season we successfully launched our first informational portal - Goa Daily News - and from December to April every day all the World was informed about what is happening in Goa. (All GDN archive you can see here). But the technologies are running in front of us, and this year we decided to keep it as e-newspaper blog and give you absolutely new Media Hyper entertainment. It took us few months to complete the concept, and here we go with the first ever psychedelic online SUNDAY FREAK MAGAZINE We did and we will do the best to make every issue special and interesting. If you wish to participate in this project as a local reporter, photojournalist or columnist, please contact to us here.
Join the net and read our Magazine every Sunday with your morning cup of coffee. Chief Editor.
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