Sunday e-Magazine 1st edition 15 Dec 2013

  Dear reader! We proudly present you the new revolutionary media product of - Sunday Freak Magazine. At 12 am of that day every week we will publish here different materials and articles from and about Psychedelic World, that…
In this section we will present to you the exclusive interviews with the very special people in Goa Psychedelic Culture. Today we finally present you first two parts of the exclusive video interview of double trouble trance gang. Two of…
The True Story of Goa Trance. Goa Trance is a sub-genre of electronic dance music – EDM which had started to take its form back in 80’s. However, the very first instigators, ideologists and style formers can be found even…
Extra Terrestrial Civilizations Are we the only intelligent life in the universe? Within this universe, there are billions of galaxies, each containing millions or billions of star systems. Most of these stars can have several planets, of which many are…
Here we will feature the events supported by As you can imagine, we choose only the best and special happenings in Goa to participate. We value our reputation.

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