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This is a place for partylovers - you can check weekly for our top recommended and supported events. 
Usually we were observing here the following parties in Goa. But as our base is the entire World now, from today we start to publish the information from Goa-Freaks.Com WORLDS PARTY AGENDA-CALENDAR. (http://goa-freaks.com/calendar)
We want to remind you that in this sector of our website you can find psychedelic trance event in your country, city and even nearest neighbourhood. We also want promoters to pay their attention on the free service of ADD YOUR EVENT that we are holding for supporting your work and people happiness. Make all psy tribes know about your actions – submit the form and in 24 hours your party will be online. HERE u need to put the event from the Calendar But the main info chink will be out next week.
Get all information you want to know about your psychedelic destinations of that summer in one magazine. Don’t even think to miss the jubilee 20th Edition of Sunday Freak on 4th of May
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