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Editorial 19th Edition

Welcome to Utopia . When a group of individuals lives with like-minded individuals in a community for a prolonged time, it usually concludes that in spite of common interests, the group is comprised of individuals who are quite different from one another. Just as different individuals can live in a community in complete harmony, different communities, towns, provinces and all the different countries of the globe too can live in complete peace and harmony, but this, in reality, is more a sort of utopia rather than a pragmatic approach.

In this edition we compiled several projects that did the best to survive in the cruel development  of modern civilization. Hidden in the world of human unkwnoledge or locked into sub cultural space these utopic spots on the map of Earth could be you next travel destination. But you might have a Time machine to bring you in its Golden Era.    

We offer you the virtual visit in the areas you probably even never heard about. But they are real. Or maybe unreal.
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