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Editorial 18th Edition

Whom if not us know exactly that the other Worlds and Dimensions are existing? How many times during our trips you found yourselves into a Parallel Universes? Knowing our readers contingent, we think that the number of alternative realities visited by some of you is uncountable.
But if you start to speak to normal people and explain them that Multiverse is real, they will think that you are on drugs. If you are lucky. Some of your close relatives will definitely find an excuse to go in other room and quietly call to family psychiatrist. To save your freak asses from that epic fail, we decided to equip you with some serious and trippy scientific arguments, dedicated to very important theory that have been never proved yet or accepted by official science.
But rephrasing Bob Frissel we would say - NOTHING IN THAT THEORY IS TRUE BUT ITS EXACTLY HOW THE THINGS ARE. So, take your time, open your mind and remember that from now on you have the great possibility anytime to make your relatives or co-workers seat in front of you with open mouths and catch each word of you as you are their Messiah.
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