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Editorial 16th Edition

If you could understand, our main purpose is to collect for you in one place all special, hidden and unknown facts, stories and files from the history of establishment of the World's psychedelic culture.
Every week our Editor's department makes a massive mental effort trying to find a main theme for the next edition, trying to create a new knowledge field, that will open your mind and upload the content of your lazy brain cells.
During this search we also having conversations with some of the key figures and main players of Goa trance scene.
And what we found out lately, is that even those advanced open minded people with high developed level of consciousness do not have idea about the person, whom we want to dedicate this edition.
Let's see how deep is your acquaintance in contemporary psy culture. Holotropic Breathwork. Transpersonal Psychology. And LSD therapy.
The tags that will link you to one person, undeservingly unknown between trance tribes.
Today is our honor to present to you one of the greatest psychedelic scientists on the planet. DR STANISLAV GROF.
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