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Our favourite” l’enfant terrible”. Having in the mind this project for few years we were too lazy to realize even into a virtual life. After long evening talks and daytrips we finally understood that if we will be not first who will do such kind of a thing, it might be someone else. We prefer our name will be whispered in the ears of future generations by their spaced out grannies in their magic fairy tales and lullabies, so we concentrated and now already for 14th time breaking our heads trying to find the main themes and the content of the only weekly electronic magazine dedicated to psychedelic culture.
If you are following SF (As other 4000 and more readers from all over the Planet), you know about the main columns.
Let’s see what we offer you:
INTERVIEWS: We are focused on shooting our own, exclusive interviews with different, but very special people. Some of them are very well known to all of our readers. Others are unknown or undeservingly forgotten. But we are choosing only those, who played key roles in the history of Goa Trance scene. Simon Posford, Ray Castle, Shripat Boom, Luke Brown, Raja Ram, Chicago and many more. All interviews done in Video format, just load it and play.
FREAKSFILES- This is a special area of top secret information from the Past, Present and Future of Goa Freaks World. We have two nerds locked into an AC room with all devices possible to search a World’s library and historical archives to reveal the top secret information about from our private X-Files.
FREAKSCIENCE- Here you are getting informed about the freaky alternative science facts and researches from all over the World and Outer Space. We will publish our researches in alternative science field to open some of the main mysteries of the Humanity
FREAKSHERO- We have idols. We follow some brilliant people. And we have gurus. On this page we present you the real heroes of our World- musicians, ideological leaders, freedom fighters, great artists and Aliens.
FREAKSTORIES- The legends, myths, mysteries from Hippies till nowadays are published here to introduce you the history of establishment of World's Psychedelic Culture
EVENTS OF THE WEEK- Our choice of the events in Goa and in the World for the next week. This is a page for party lovers - you can check weekly for our top recommended and supported events.
We remind you that the Drugs and Alcohol are not good for you. Think seriously about it.
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