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Interviews - Avalon

We think that the magazine, dedicated to Goa-Freaks.Com would be great to open with some action. Let’s say- to demonstrate you one of hundreds, seems to be typical stories of those, who can call themselves Goa Freaks..
Backpackers-travellers-hippies, who in the end of 90-s passed Goa for couple weeks during their India's spiritual or whatever tripping and found themselves after few months or sometime years, blasting their brain off in fluorescent clothes on crazy trance parties of these days. No money- No honey-No Passport-No visa-No Problem. Many of these people have been dissolved in the history of Goa, some are not on the Earth anymore, and the others exchanged their free life on solid work in normal World. Only the strongest survived. And some of them actually did it really well, still being the Freaks. They chose to do something according to their way of life, to reach one level, to stay in Freaks life World, but enjoy of it as much as possible by creation and inspiration from the heart.
So here today, we are talking in a private with one of these hippies of 90's. By chance he is also one of our favourite musicians, super good friend and really cool dude, whose spirit can truly represent the soul and vision of all GOA FREAKS: Avalon
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