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PSY CULTURE - http://goa-freaks.com/psy-culture. Massive portal dedicated to many aspects of psychedelic culture. Hippie Trial and Time Travelling, World psy tribes gatherings and Freedom fighters, visual arts and visionary artists, best books, movies, cartoons together with shamanic rituals, meditation basics and transcendental practices. Special video documentary (http://goa-freaks.com/psy-culture/movies) and a huge esoteric info portal in Russian language (http://goa-freaks.com/psy-culture/xfile)


LISTEN TRANCE- http://goa-freaks.com/music. We would never forget the Golden times of Psychedelic Goa, when people could fly and believed in Aliens. Crazy, fluorescent, mystical experience of 90’s that will stay forever in our hearts and minds as the memory of the best years of our lives. The selection of the tracks on this page is done to satisfy your deep nostalgic breath taking memories of the past. Listen. Remember. Enjoy.
And, please, try to give this music to listen to your children. It’s our future generation, let’s make their life brighter!!!
PARTY CALENDAR. This is a free service to support trance party organizations Worldwide. Do not hesitate to ADD YOU EVENT (http://goa-freaks.com/calendar ) and all psy World will know about it.
If you are just a party lover- check the Calendar for the nearest party, dance and enjoy!
GOA PORTAL. http://goa-freaks.com/goa. Area for those who stays in Goa in a season time. Updated information for Freaks - where to dance, to eat, to sleep, how to travel and what to do and not to do in the State. Also amazing photo gallery from Goa Parties of 90’s.
PARTIES AND FESTIVALS. http://goa-freaks.com/festivals. New button. Shortcut to your decision what to do tomorrow , next week and even Summertime. More information to be uploaded soon.


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