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Dj Celli

Celli is an Ibiza native who has been partying and producing in the Psychedelic trance scene since its beginnings in the early 90’s.

From his roots as an underground party organiser in Ibiza he soon started producing music releasing his first track “Just Say Yes” on T.I.P. Records in 1999, followed by his debut album entitled “Patterns” on Acidance Records in 2001

Now, after having released an astounding 100 tracks, and 6 albums under various pseudonyms such as : Soundaholix (with GMS) , Third Ear Audio ( with Nick Doof ) and Everblast (with Chromatone), Celli rocks the dancefloors of the globe, bringing his unique psychedelic sound to the far reaches of the planet… His Earthling LIVE shows showcase his best music and always unreleased cutting edge tracks as well

He also manages and heads up the Zero1 Music record label family. Zero 1 Music has amongst others artists: GMS, Tron, Chromatone, Soundaholix, Everblast, Wrecked Machines, KIM, DJ Mack, DJ Moon, Virtual Light



Earthling: https://www.facebook.com/earthlingmusic

Soundaholix: https://www.facebook.com/Soundaholix

Everblast: https://www.facebook.com/everblastproject?ref=hl

Zero One Music : https://www.facebook.com/zero1music





Earthling : https://soundcloud.com/earthling

Soundaholix : https://soundcloud.com/soundaholix

Everblast : https://soundcloud.com/everblast

Zero One Music : https://soundcloud.com/zero1-music

WEBSITE: http://zero1-music.com

YOUTUBE : Earthling : https://www.youtube.com/user/EarthlingMusicTV

zero one : https://www.youtube.com/user/ZeroOneMusicOfficial


more earthling vids; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1fWrSgSdDQ









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News of Goa-Freaks.Com website

Dear readers. As we knew always, Summer is Summer. Lazy times, parties around the World, and as Goa-Freaks.Com administation office is on travelling mode, internet is not always so good. So, as promised, we inform you about the happenings and giving you trippy info Almost Daily.
Today we would like to tell you few things dedicated to our website.

First of all, our main media project - Sunday Freak online e-Magazine will be released now in new, advanced electronic mode. It will be published twice a month on Sundays and will have wider content and interactive options to satisfy the hi-tech needs of all hipsters and tripsters who have joined our net.
Free for reading and downloading, Sunday Freak as usually
will introduce you to Psychedelic World, and Psychedelic World to you.
Tomorrow edition will be very special for us. It is a long and responsable collaboration of Goa-freaks.Com with six leading psy trance labels of the planet to represent you the high quality music production you can absolutely trust.
 Choose you Cherry on the top of Psy Cake.

As you can see time to time we are modifying the look of the main page, but the main and presentation sectors remain still. We remind you about wide list of the options that you can choose if you want to join our website community, that membership representative from more that 20 countries.
Please pay your special attention if your business concerns psychedelic culture - parties, workshops, labels, clothes production, festival shops, etc. we accept commercial proposals.
All information how to join the website or advertise your company or product - www.goa-freaks.com/joinus

We remind to all psy trance and chillout parties in the World that Goa-Freaks.Com happy to provide you with its free party info service. Our social networking now covers more that 10000 people daily that makes the website one of three top visited info  portals dedicated to psychedelic and trance culture.
To add your event into Party Calendar you will just need to fill ( in maximum ) the form in ADD YOUR EVENT and submit it. Please pay attention that once done, the article editable only through web-admin. After the approval it will be promoted by all our web resources. Just click here : www.parties.goa-freaks.com. 

Good news for our Russian followers- specially for those who do not read English. Russian trance scene celebrating this year 20-th anniversary of its massive existence. Founded and established in 1994 by one of Goa-Freaks co-founders - X.P.VooDoo it has been developed in its own, subcultural way and new info portal is dedicated to local Russki scene, presenting its Music, Fashion,Art and  Parties. Do not hesitate to check this page if you do not know Slavanic languages- we put for you the Translation button. Na zdorovie!
Our well planned secret idea to spread our tentacles into the world of slowerbeat psychedelic music. At the beginning it will be a special section in Sunday Freak e-Magazine with a lot of chilly and psybient music to listen, interviews and news from that World and around September after we will establish necassary connection with the main players on that scene
Downtempo World will have its own division on our website.

Check our pilot release : www.goa-freaks.com/magazine/25thedition/down-tempo-world

We will keep you updated with the latest news of Goa-Freaks.Com psychedelic social networking every Saturday. As usual, almost....
Dear friends! Goatika on air!

We are proud to present our new track made this year in Goa!
It called Crazy Tuesday and dedicated to Shiva Valley. 
Sound mix and mastered by Alex Parasense at his magic studio!
Written & arranged by Kliment Dichev / Pavel Goatika. 

Performed by:
Kliment (Bulgaria) - keyboards, synth; 
Jovis (USA) - didge, jews harp; 
Elvis (Goa) - guitar; 
Pavel Goatika (Russia) - rhythm section.

To download this track in best quality:



Official page of Goatika Creative Lab on Goa-Freaks.com -

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Press - Promo

Here you can download our Logos in 2 Formats JPG & PNG(with Transparent Background) and 2 sizes - 1200px width & 600px width
Download Goa Freaks Community Logo :
Download Goa Freaks Community Logo :
Download Goa-Freaks.Com Logo :
Download Goa-Freaks.Com Logo 2 :
Download Sunday Freak e-Magazine Logo :
GOA-FREAKS.COM is the biggest Psychedelic Social Networking & Trance Info Portal dedicated to Alternative Life Style and Underground Goa Trance Scene.
GOA FREAKS COMMUNITY is an international collaborative production team that specializes in organizing and promoting cultural and dance events across electronic music genres.
The most developed and popular division of G.F.C. is its Psychedelic and Goa Trance Party organization and Special Events Department.
Since its inception in 2007, G.F.C. has evolved into a professional unit, with highly respectable producers, graphic designers, visual artists, set designers, performers and DJs as a part of its community.
GFC production is behind some of the the best and most memorable parties of Goa - all editions of Russian Christmas Fest and Aquarius , Doomsday, Shiva Ratri, Sonica, Hippies Fridays and few festivals around the World ( Kazantip/Ukraine, Sonica/Italy, Project Time/Russia, etc.)
Facebook FanPage Russian Xmas : https://www.facebook.com/russianxmasfest
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G.F.C. Videos

All this videos were produced by Ekaterina Tratiakova & Malishka Yuu Solaris Studios . In this section, you can watch some of G.F.C. Events productions for the last 2 years.




WATCH more G.F.C. Videos at : http://goa-freaks.com/psy-culture/interviews

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General Content

PSY CULTURE - http://goa-freaks.com/psy-culture. Massive portal dedicated to many aspects of psychedelic culture. Hippie Trial and Time Travelling, World psy tribes gatherings and Freedom fighters, visual arts and visionary artists, best books, movies, cartoons together with shamanic rituals, meditation basics and transcendental practices. Special video documentary (http://goa-freaks.com/psy-culture/movies) and a huge esoteric info portal in Russian language (http://goa-freaks.com/psy-culture/xfile)


LISTEN TRANCE- http://goa-freaks.com/music. We would never forget the Golden times of Psychedelic Goa, when people could fly and believed in Aliens. Crazy, fluorescent, mystical experience of 90’s that will stay forever in our hearts and minds as the memory of the best years of our lives. The selection of the tracks on this page is done to satisfy your deep nostalgic breath taking memories of the past. Listen. Remember. Enjoy.
And, please, try to give this music to listen to your children. It’s our future generation, let’s make their life brighter!!!
PARTY CALENDAR. This is a free service to support trance party organizations Worldwide. Do not hesitate to ADD YOU EVENT (http://goa-freaks.com/calendar ) and all psy World will know about it.
If you are just a party lover- check the Calendar for the nearest party, dance and enjoy!
GOA PORTAL. http://goa-freaks.com/goa. Area for those who stays in Goa in a season time. Updated information for Freaks - where to dance, to eat, to sleep, how to travel and what to do and not to do in the State. Also amazing photo gallery from Goa Parties of 90’s.
PARTIES AND FESTIVALS. http://goa-freaks.com/festivals. New button. Shortcut to your decision what to do tomorrow , next week and even Summertime. More information to be uploaded soon.


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The top line of the buttons presents you our community members, divided by their skills and profession. All our members have been selected after collective agreement and each of them represent the top level in every sector of influence.

To see all members on one page- click HERE: http://goa-freaks.com/members

If you are taking your creativity products or skills as a part of psychedelic and Goa tribe culture - whatever it is- music, decorations, handcrafts, jewellery, photography or video, paintings, performance...even the food, and you want Goa Freaks World know about you, you are welcome to become a site memberCLICK HERE.

If you wish to promote or advertise you festival, party, production or etc. in our selected sectors, please read the following information HERE


Today we present you all members of our virtual cultural association that unites people from all over the Globe in one place- Goa-Freaks.Com

Goa Freaks Community – Since its inception in 2007, G.F.C. has evolved into a professional unit, with highly respectable producers, graphic designers, visual artists, set designers, performers and DJs as a part of its community. GFC production is behind some of the best and most memorable parties of Goa - all editions of Russian Christmas Fest and Aquarius , Doomsday, Shiva Ratri, Sonica Goa, Hippies Fridays and few festivals around the World ( Kazantip/Ukraine, Sonica/Italy, Project Time/Russia, etc.)

Read, watch and remember more here : http://goa-freaks.com/productiongoa/gfc-trance-events-production



DJ ARMIN, a.k.a Holythrone , born in Iran in 1978 , start playing instrumental music since age of 15, mostly piano guitar and drums, from classic & flamenco to rock, got familiar with trance nation and psychedelic experience in the late 90's,conected to the goa trance roots, he started to collect various kind of psychedelic genre including ambient ,psy-prog , fullon , dark-psytrance. In 2006 he came to Goa….

And look what happened after: http://goa-freaks.com/djs/dj-armin


DJ CHICAGO- One of the "Godfathers" of Goa/Psy Trance, in Goa from the beginning of Electronic Dance Music in 1983,66 Years old...with Raja Ram, the oldest Trance DJs in the scene (but young at heart!) - A founder of 1200 Micrograms band), one of the most influential bands of all times in the trance scene. - DJing everywhere around the trance world, at the major festivals Ozora, Boom, Voov, Antaris, XXXPerience,Rainbow Serpent, Full Moon, Indian Spirit, TranceLoversNation, and many others, and playing trance parties all around the globe, all European countries, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, India, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Chile, New Caledonia, Thailand, Cambodia, etc….

Check, he is still alive, really: http://goa-freaks.com/djs/dj-chicago


PVJ DAYDREAMER- Host of the website. All graphic and web production of GFC for the last five years, including the flyers, posters, our web site creation, administration and development is a result of each day hard work of this person. But the main part of his job is his brilliant psychedelic skills in the ultimate video technologies- Live visuals, mapping and interactive masking we can watch and trip our heads out on our parties.

Check his page and enjoy his work on Goa-Freaks.Com here: http://goa-freaks.com/visuals


DJs DRAGON BOYZ. Famous brothers from the cradle of Goa Trance – Dragon House, Vagator. Trance parties have been happening in Goa since their birth. From then on they dreamt of becoming DJs. There were parties in Goa and most of them were taking place in that house. From then on, they started to play for the hungry dancing people in Goa. In the early nineties they decided to play for some parties but made it to a few of them Then life went on and on, and ….

Want to know what happened after? http://goa-freaks.com/djs/dragonboyz


GOATIKA Creative Lab is an international community of musicians based in Goa since 2006. Their creative projects focus on music ranging from improvisational, meditative, psychedelic and authentic Indian to modern psytrance. These projects aspire to share dialogue, friendship, and creativity, have no boundaries, and express a dynamic melding of musical styles from all over the world.

Nowadays, Goa is a place with a large world-fusion spectrum of music, as well as the center of the psychedelic trance culture, with a great community of talented musicians…

A lot more about the band: http://goa-freaks.com/djs/goatika-creative-lab


G.R.O.G. - Ganesha Room Of Goa - clothes for young souls carefully selected from all around the World. Here you'll find a new style that creates a fresh positive mood not only you but others. This store was created by travellers, DJs, musicians special for you. Main meeting and info point of psy lovers in the city.

Find it and visit here: http://goa-freaks.com/fashion/grog


DJ GINO SONICA - a founder and executive producer of SONICA FESTIVAL. Now a veteran about psychedelic music gatherings, he begins his active participation since 1990, immediately keen on acid-techno frequencies of that age. In 1993 he buys his first desks technics-1200, after having been collecting a large vinyl archive and, getting in touch with local insiders, Gino starts to collaborate for the production of several parties in Italy (Naples, his native land) with famous artists from London and Detroit underground scene….

Get more Italian spirit here: http://goa-freaks.com/djs/dj-gino-sonica


FILTER IT is the new smoking tool designed and hand crafted by Kaio in Italy. Kaio is one of the world’s master chilum makers with over 20 years of experience in the art of smoking and custom smoking tools. His activity traces back to the 90’s and his subsequent travels to India where he discovered chilum making, an ancient tool for an ancient tradition, and has ever since developed his unique style and craftsmanship. Now Kaio puts his know how of pipe design to push a step ahead the smoker’s experience..

Want to smoke – click here: http://goa-freaks.com/fashion/item/767-filteritmaterial


HYBRID UV is a collective of event promoters & deco artists based in Greece and India. Hybrid UV is the leading decor crew in Goa/ India and keeps putting forward some of the most advanced ideas for venue and stage decor including lycra & string art, inflatables and shade designs, visual and 3D mapping among other concepts that constantly evolve.

More about their work read here: http://goa-freaks.com/deco/hybrid-uv


LUKE BROWN- Luke Brown is an intrepid explorer, part of a new generation of visionaries reconstructing the templates of culture as we know it. His art speaks of the spiritual mysteries in the human imagination. Mystical experiences, dreams, medicine journeys, and channelled lucid dialogues with the source of creativity itself, seem to guide and be guided by the colourful symmetries and living surfaces of his art. Much of his work emerges from a graceful synthesis of digital and painting mediums….
Amaze yourself even just by looking here: http://goa-freaks.com/visionary/lukebrown


LUMINOKAYA- Other visionary artist of our community-art-project Luminokaya lab. appeared as a result of a huge amount of data coming from the great field of energy and information in forms of light and energy waves, visions, images, dream-state objects, trans personal visions and visions beyond personality, and also symbols, signs and channelling. The vast amount of information offered by The Space didn’t allow ignoring this exciting and rich experience.

Find some masterpieces right here: http://goa-freaks.com/visionary/luminokaya


LOONEY MOON DECO- We are a team of creative people from different countries. We provide decorations and installations for different types of events. We are a part of the LOONEY MOON REC family, we started our work trying to build up the decoration for our psy trance parties, first in Italy, our headquarter, and then around Europe and the World. One party after the other we learned a lot, and working every time with different famous decorators from all over the globe we found our style and we try to evolve it every day…
Some of the most memorable amazing decorations of last seasons in Goa and other World are just here: http://goa-freaks.com/deco/looney-moon-deco


MANDALA YOGA-Certified yoga instructor from the Gramodhygic yoga & naturopathy training centre. Situated in the magnificent surroundings of Goa , Mandala welcomes people from all over the world interested in practicing yoga and experiencing one of the most beautiful Beaches in the world. Goa is a heaven in which to savour majestic sunsets and turquoise waters to a backdrop of relaxed grooves, great food and great company….
How to twist your body and breath well – read here: http://goa-freaks.com/goa/health/mandala-yoga


NOMAD WEAR- psychedelic Clothing, Nomad-Wear brings you professional quality digital printing directly on to shirts, hoodies, accessories etc. We work interlinked with an ever-growing web of international artists to bring you selected collections..

Too short? Read more if there is here: http://goa-freaks.com/fashion/nomad-wear


DJ NIKA is a psychedelic music lover since 1995 when, growing up in Russia of the early electronic music, she got in touch with the magic of the Goa trance, traceable at that time throughout travellers who had old tapes recorded or purchased in India. After achieving her psychology degree, Nika works in Russia until 2008 as model, TV journalist, music editor, party organizer and always closer to the party movement she constantly follows the evolution of psychedelic trance and of its international gatherings….

Read more here: http://goa-freaks.com/djs/dj-nika


DJ OCEAN One of the symbols of Goa Freaks, real acid warrior. Our community will be not complete without people like him. Playing almost never, but he is THE DJ!

Read more of his own post hallucinating writings here: http://goa-freaks.com/djs/dj-ocean


DJ PSART was brought up dedicating his time and interest completely to music. He's been playing the guitar since his early days. He played in 2 rock bands, up to the day when he got in touch with the psychedelic trance music. In the end of 2003, started to act as a DJ and learn software for producing music. In the start of 2008 joined to professional promo system Multivision. He played at many major parties and festivals in Russia and Ukraine…

Read more here: http://goa-freaks.com/djs/dj-psart

DJ SASHI – DJ, party organizer and one of the veterans of Russian trance scene. Being a member of Aerodance Corporation ( the most professional Moscow trance event production team) , started to play as a resident of “Chill Out Planet club” in 1995 and notorious underground music lab “Less” where he also launched his first party as a promoter. Sashi’s name as ‘Cosmic Connection” is behind some of the most famous and memorable Russian psychedelic gatherings: Aquamarine, Psychedelic boat cruise, Final Fantasy, Aquaparty, Kazantip 2002 and Liquid Beach Festivals in Ukraine….

Read more here: http://goa-freaks.com/djs/dj-sashi


SAMAYA GORGONA Our Top Freak, Samaya Gorgona Clothing is a brand from Goa that gave birth to a fashion trend called “psychedelic punk”. Gorgona, the designer and founder of Samaya Gorgona Clothing, focuses on making costumes for parties, open air festivals and performances. Every item is unique and handmade. Originality, extremism and theatricality define the niche that SG Clothing holds among other designers in Goa. Collections of Samaya Gorgona merge the most glaring styles – hippie, psychedelic, kitsch, garage, glam, punk, vintage, cyberpunk, disco, retro in the weirdest combinations which makes SG Clothing recognizable and unique

If you like crazy outrageous clothing, have a look here: http://goa-freaks.com/fashion/samaya-gorgona-clothing

X.P.VOODOOthat page is actually a full sub site of the founder of Goa Freaks Community and the creator of Goa-Freaks.Com, the pioneer, founder and the legend of trance culture in Russia, party organizer and promoter, the most recognized worldwide Russian DJ. Too long to tell all the story about this guy. That’s why we are having this website actually.

So check by yourself his personal interviews, biography, compilations, photo galleries and more – here: http://goa-freaks.com/djs/xp-voodoo

UGGAGULA-French based T-Shirt printing brand. Started by lovely couple from the east of the country – Gerome and Masha ( ex- member of Chill Out Planet) , is famous for its high quality fluorescent and glow in the dark prints. Top designs from Luminokaya, Chris Dyer, Ihti Anderson and some of other famous psychedelic artists and long lasting hi resolution pictures made this label one of the most popular T-Shirt producers nowadays.

Look for the galleries here: http://goa-freaks.com/fashion/uggagula

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Sunday Freak e- Magazine

Our favourite” l’enfant terrible”. Having in the mind this project for few years we were too lazy to realize even into a virtual life. After long evening talks and daytrips we finally understood that if we will be not first who will do such kind of a thing, it might be someone else. We prefer our name will be whispered in the ears of future generations by their spaced out grannies in their magic fairy tales and lullabies, so we concentrated and now already for 14th time breaking our heads trying to find the main themes and the content of the only weekly electronic magazine dedicated to psychedelic culture.
If you are following SF (As other 4000 and more readers from all over the Planet), you know about the main columns.
Let’s see what we offer you:
INTERVIEWS: We are focused on shooting our own, exclusive interviews with different, but very special people. Some of them are very well known to all of our readers. Others are unknown or undeservingly forgotten. But we are choosing only those, who played key roles in the history of Goa Trance scene. Simon Posford, Ray Castle, Shripat Boom, Luke Brown, Raja Ram, Chicago and many more. All interviews done in Video format, just load it and play.
FREAKSFILES- This is a special area of top secret information from the Past, Present and Future of Goa Freaks World. We have two nerds locked into an AC room with all devices possible to search a World’s library and historical archives to reveal the top secret information about from our private X-Files.
FREAKSCIENCE- Here you are getting informed about the freaky alternative science facts and researches from all over the World and Outer Space. We will publish our researches in alternative science field to open some of the main mysteries of the Humanity
FREAKSHERO- We have idols. We follow some brilliant people. And we have gurus. On this page we present you the real heroes of our World- musicians, ideological leaders, freedom fighters, great artists and Aliens.
FREAKSTORIES- The legends, myths, mysteries from Hippies till nowadays are published here to introduce you the history of establishment of World's Psychedelic Culture
EVENTS OF THE WEEK- Our choice of the events in Goa and in the World for the next week. This is a page for party lovers - you can check weekly for our top recommended and supported events.
We remind you that the Drugs and Alcohol are not good for you. Think seriously about it.

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