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Editorial 14th Edition

This week we celebrate three years of existence of our website!

Launched in 2011 as a cultural project of Goa Freaks Community ( Goa based international collaborative production team that specializes in organizing and promoting cultural and dance events across electronic music genres), for the last years it became the biggest virtual cultural association dedicated to Alternative Life Style and Underground Goa Scene. Psychedelic Music, Art, Culture, Parties, Phenomenal People, Interviews, Blogs, Photo Galleries, Events Calendar, Daily News, Sunday Freak e-Magazine and a lot more attractions for those who is living in psychedelic World.
Main purpose of Goa-Freaks.Com is to support of creative minds all over the Planet and to inform the World about your precious existence and your work. Our web space is dedicated to development and establishment of Psychedelic Culture as a part of modern Human Society. And we will not stop to bring more and more surprises for our followers at least until the End of this World!
So, celebrating our Birhtday, we decided to present today's Sunday Freak as an inner guide into www.goa-freaks.com
We changed our usual titles and pages content for today and will just simply bring you through the virtual deepness of our World to let you reach the moment of clarity from the deep.
We hope you have superb internet connection, so relax, click the links and join the net..
Welcome to our Revolutionary & Interactive Presentation of what is Goa-Freaks.Com
Enter in G.F.C.Psy-World.
For that you just have to start the Prezi & activate the Full Screen . After start the slideshow or navigate with the Arrows or simply travel freely with your mouse (roller and click)

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