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Saturday, 07 November 2015 05:06

Kindzadza Exclusive Interview

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Sunday, 28 June 2015 05:49

Braincell Interview

Ralph Knobloch / Braincell – exclusive interview | GoaFreaksComTV
Braincell, Rastaliens, Solar Spectrum..
Psychedelic trinity mastermind been caught into Goa-Freaks.Com net, telling us many things and answering our ridiculous questions in magical Paradise.
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But in some regions internet connection is too slow to see it online.
To make you, freaks happy while you are waiting for high speed broadband, we asked our special agent Nastyy from Akida Booking agency to connect with Franky and ask him 10 short queastions and get 10 blitz answers
that can be publihsed for reading.

We were keeping this interview for couple weeks - today is Nastyy's birthday and we wish her fantastic life and beautiful moments in next year!

Here we go - maestro Franky KoxBox in chick-chack interview for Goa-Freaks.Com:
"..You can expect a very psychedelic Koxbox album.."

1. When is your new Koxbox album going to be released and on which label?
The new Koxbox album is finished and it is called “The Scanner“.  It will be released in March 2015 on Zero 1 label.

2. What were your initial music influences?
Bands such as Kraftwerk, Front 242, Tangerine Dream, KLF, the the, the Orb and Nu Beat, Acid Beat, Heart Beat,

3. The first party?
First party was in Goa in 1984

4. In which ways has the psytrance scene changed over the years?
It used to be an underground movement that made people travel all over the world to experience those underground parties. Today it is not underground anymore, there is a big scene all over the world and has become accessible to everyone.

5. How do you believe it is going to be evolved in the future? And how technology has changed music production?
In the 80´s and 90´s, we all used analog instruments, today it is mostly digital and computer made music. As the technology is developing very fast, there is no limit to where we can go but my hop
e is that artists will start using analog instruments again so there will be more variation in the music and less copy and paste out there.

6. Your favourite project in trance music?
Eat Static, Hallucinogen, Koxbox

7. Who’s throwing the best parties at the moment?
Ozora Festival, Universal Paralello, Boom Festival

8. Tell us about your side project with Illinton. How is it different from Koxbox?
The Franke & Illinton project is a bit lower bpm, more old school but with the new sound of today. Very groovy and psychedelic.

9. What were you main sources of inspiration for this upcoming album and what your fans should expect?

My main source of inspiration is still from the good old days where the music was much more psychedelic than today. You can expect a very psychedelic Koxbox album

10. You chose to release on Zero 1 Music, Why this label?
I see Zero 1 Music as the label, which is releasing music closest to the music I like on the scene today. Groovy and psychedelic.

Check also on youtube another
Koxbox exclusive interview
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Friday, 12 December 2014 05:57

Giuseppe Parvati

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Exclusive Iacchus interview for Mystic Sound Records party in Moscow
Iacchus is a psychedelic/ambient project of Dan Forest formed in London, UK in 2007. Masterly mixing a lot of different styles in his music, Dan achieved an unique and individual sound. Taking influence from glitch, dubstep and bass music, and stepping into dub and world music vibes with live recordings – everybody will find something familiar in the music of Iacchus while still experiencing an incredible journey of discovery.
MSR: What do you know about Russian psychedelic scene?
Dan: Not a great deal to be honest except that psychedelic ambient it is very popular in that part of the world, perhaps more so than my own country.
MSR: Do you have any expectations or presentiments regarding your upcoming show in Russia?
Dan: I'm very excited to be playing, I've never been to Russia and have always wanted to visit, the closest I have been was Ukraine and that was one of the best gigs of my life so I'm really looking forward to it. I don't know what to expect except that it might be a tad chilly :)
MSR: Where do you find an inspiration for your music?
Dan: I find inspiration in all places; obviously, the psychedelic culture in general has influenced me to make psychedelic music. I find a lot of inspiration in the works of other producers. I make no secret of the fact that I am massively influenced by producers such as OTT and Tipper (you will find references to them and their songs in my track titles). I find working towards a style or mood I have heard in other people's music teaches me a lot about music production and gives me new skills I can use when creating music that is more my own style. I try to blend elements I like in other music with a few things I like to consider my own.
I also get inspiration from the tools I find. Making field recordings, getting new samples, and making new noises on synthesizers will often shape the next song I make. Also I owe a lot of gratitude to my friends who I discuss music with all the time and we have lots of ideas together.
MSR: Few words about the name of your project?
Dan: Iacchus is one of the Greek gods, I read about him when looking for a name, I liked the sound of the word and the god sounded fairly mysterious so it sounded appropriate. Given few people can spell or pronounce it I think I shot myself in the foot, I have to keep writing it down for people!
MSR: What do you do besides making excellent music?
Dan: I have a full time job unfortunately, writing software for websites, so don't have as much time for writing music as I would like. I also am very much into folk music, I sing in two folk choirs, which also takes a lot of time. So with work, writing music, and singing, I barely have enough time to eat and sleep and see my friends. It's a busy life and I have to be very organized and motivated, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
MSR: Artworks for your albums are pretty attractive. They all seem to be created by Jen Turnbull. Is that correct? How do you cooperate? MSR: Is that you to describe your would-be artwork to Jen or she is the one to offer you her artwork ideas and you choose?
Dan: Yes, Jen Turnbull has done the artwork for my last 3 albums. For 'Together as One' and 'There Is Only Infinity' I asked if I could use one of her existing pieces, and she cropped it for me and did the text for the CDs etc. For Frogspawn I had the idea of the image, so I asked her to paint it for me, which she very kindly did over the course of the last year, I am very pleased with the result. She is amazing and never asks for any money so I am truly indebted to her.
MSR: Why frogspawn exactly? Just for lulz or having a very deep philosophical meaning?
Dan: Frogspawn had several meanings to me. Firstly I'm a bit obsessed with frogs, it's a creature I have always liked, and my online nicknames have always involved frogs in one way or another. I decided to call this album frogspawn because it was going to be my creation, something I spawned, and I also had the idea for the artwork and liked the idea of giving birth to a whole new set of worlds, I think there can be a microcosm of universes inside music. Also when I started the album I was married and hoping to have children by the time I finished. Sadly that all fell apart and my life took a different direction, a story told in the last two tracks of the album, but I stuck with the name Frogspawn anyway.
MSR: What are your pre-party wishes for Russian psychill heads?
Dan: I can't wait to meet you all and I hope you have fun. I'll be lurking around listening to the other wonderful bands on the line up  so please do come and say hello :)

Mystic Sound Reords website: http://mystic-sound.com/
Thursday, 13 November 2014 12:10

Exclusive Interview with Sergio Walgood

Today we want to introduce you one of the most talented guys of planet Earth,  - Sergio Walgood from Portugal.

"For How long have you been making music?"
Hi! Thank you for the invitation. Music was always a big part of my life, my father is a guitar player and I grew up listening to him playing 60’s music and learning some tunes on guitar. The first experiences making music was with my big friend André Rivotti Casimiro making original blues tunes. Around 1998 I started to pay more attention to electronics and I started to make some experiences with this old casio keybord, guitar and 2 tape recorders, it was really raw and nothing special. Sometime later, after going to my first Psytrance events I started to experiment computer programs and some tunes were made trying to recreate this new music for me.

"How many LP's with your music were released?"
As Sérgio Walgood I have released my first album “Chill in Tribe” for Ajnavision Records in digital and CD format and the Bandcamp digital release “The mind and Space"
As OCO (world, tribal fusion band) we have released “Beyond Dust and Bones” in digital and CD format.

"Which tune on that LP do you consider as the best one?"
It’s hard to pick one. Every tune has its character and sometimes I like one the most and other times others. But from the feedback I receive, the one that most people like is “The Dream” from “Chill in Tribe album”.

"Do you make difference between psybient and psychill?"
I don’t really pay too much attention on this, but I think that one is more slow than the other

"Which venue is the best for slow music in your opinion?"
Boom Festival Chillout Gardens and ZNA Gathering chillout

"Can you predict the future of Downtempo genre ?"
I think that this genre will grow a lot and have a place of his own instead of a alternative stage in a psytrance event. It is already happening this change.

"What is your favourite musical instrument?"
Guitar and strings instruments

"Which  planet are you from?"
Lovely planet Earth

"And for your music, is it from there as well?"
Yes, totally. :)

"What does your music does with human conciousness?"
It brings textures and emotions from different cultures.

"What is definition of "Love" to you?"
Love is a powerful emotion connecting us with cosmos and ourselves.

"What is harmony in your opinion?"
Harmony is when everything is in balance and peace.

"What is your favorite place on  Earth?"
My favorite places on Earth are anywhere I find balance love and harmony. One of them is Serra de Sintra (Portugal)

"What is your favorite smell on the Earth?"
Oh! The smell of delicious food! :)

"Please name the artists you can recommend?"
Oco, Random Mode, Angular momentum, Zen Baboon, Balancé, Chilled C'quence, Pedro Neves (Waves), Teresa Gabriel, Irina Mikhailova , Kalahari, Andrew Sigil, Wåveshåper, Hataken, Master Margherita, Kaya Project, etc…

"A few words for Sunday Freak readers then..?"
Thank you for reading and for the support! Hope you have a great and happy life. Se you soon somewhere! :)
Hi Downtempo world, I’m really happy that more people start to be interested in the downtempo side of psychedelic music. I hope that with your help the scene can grow bigger, rise and bloom)

Few words about your projects, please (Maiia Project and Mystic Sounds Records)
Well, Maiia Project was born in 2006, when after a year of being a dj I started to make music  myself.

Then several years later after the first releases on compilations and a mini-album called Forest Magic, some great musicians-instrumentalists joined me for live performances and for recording some live sessions in Maiia tracks. Maiia Project is very dynamic, we change almost for every live performance. It’s interesting and surprisingly, and it doesn’t give a chance to be bored.
 Through the music of our project we aim to attract listeners to explore ancient ethnic rhythms and magic sounds.

We wish to remind people about the Nature surrounding human beings and to bring joy and love to their hearts.

Maiia Project has released 3 full-length albums on Altar Records, Plusquam Records and Ovnimoon Records. In September 2014 we are releasing the 4th album of the project, Sky In Diamonds, on the Ovnimoon Records. The style is closer to dance music rather than to chillout, starting with a downtempo track with live bass and continuing with progressive goa trance tracks. As the style differs from the previous music of Maiia Project, I decided to join number 303 to the name, in honour of the legendary TB303 – its sound is present in each track of the album recorded on my favorite x0xbOx.

At the beginning of 2014 we together with Edward Cybered founded a label, Mystic Sound Records, in order to discover new talented artists and promote their music globally.

 We focus on different styles of psychedelic downtempo and want to expand to the side of goa-trance and dark progressive music.

We also want to make Mystic Sound Records a quality place for realization of creative potential of well-known projects and musicians, starting from mastering which is made in one of the best Russian studios - manifold-studio.com, digital and CD releases presented in all the major stores around the world and finishing with promotion and quality events of the label.

Why did you choose downtempo electronic music?
I’m not sure that I chose downtempo – maybe downtempo chose me)) Anyway, I like downtempo music for a large space for different sounds and absence of strict rules, there is always a place for experiment.

That’s the way the best music is born – when a musician just passes his inspiration to sounds without having a ready “product” in the mind.

Do you make a difference between Psybient and Psychill?
Psybient generally has the 4/4 time signature, while Psychill is more flexible in this side. A lot of golden PsyChill hits written by Shpongle or Shulman are made in the 7/8 time signature.

What is the source of you inspiration?
Nature, its beauty, and energy. Wonderful art and interesting books, sounds of a musical instrument. Life.

Is shakti-power help you so much?
Shakti is my energy so, sure, it helps me to transform my feelings into music exactly the way I do)

What is the color of you vibes?
Maybe rainbow?

Downtempo for you - Lifestyle, subculture, just a genre?
Downtempo is my world here and now.

Do you think that Psychedelic Downtempo is important part of Trance Festivals?
As the main music on the trance festivals is different styles of psychedelic uptempo music, the downtempo side is a must-have there. People need a place to chill-out after the dancefloor or prepare themselves to it. Actually, a new trend is to make completely downtempo festivals presenting different styles of chill music only.

Which World festival did you play?
In regard to the previous answer – there was an annual festival in Latvia, Klusa Daba, consisting of four stages with different styles of downtempo. It was located in the center of Riga on the dam. I played there twice. I played in Morocco at Rhythms Of Peace and at a lot of festivals in Russia and Ukraine.

Did you see much difference between any Russian Chill-stage and Foreign Stage?
We have a strong stage here in Russia – a lot of talented musicians and djs, radios, websites, party promoters, artists, performers, dancers, vjs and other creative people. As well as a lot of people who love all this. I can see that the same is in France, where, for example, Iurii GagarinProject gathers  parties with amazing downtempo lineups and crowds. So in the main I can’t feel much difference, we are all one.

Which is you suggestion for Russian Trance Festival organization? And What do you think about chill-stage organization?
 My main suggestion is not to make a chill stage at all if you
don’t have energy to manage it. Cause it’s very sad for musicians and djs to see a “secondary” stage with a bad sound system and no design or even without an equipment for live performance.
 At the same time here in Moscow we have a set of inspiring promoters who are making only downtempo parties, with no trance dancefloor. As one of these organizers (we made parties as chill in tribe community and will continue in the new season as Mystic Sound Records), I can tell that purely downtempo parties are interesting for people. We gather together a lot of creative people and conscious listeners who come to listen to wonderful music, to dance and to be charged with an amazing energy.
to dance and to be charged with an amazing energy.

The best chill-stage in Russia and Foreign for you mind?
As for this year the best chill stage was on Tortuga island – on the shore, with almost a sea behind the scene and lot of wonderful live and dj gigs. The best foreign one for me was the main stage of Klusa Daba.

What around us- Nature, Space or... you can associate with chill out vibrations?
Chillout vibrations are everywhere, it is life. It can be associated with nature, space, emotions and everything else.

Can you please predict a future of Psychedelic Downtempo genre?
New genres appear constantly. One of the interesting modern styles is a mix of Dub with Glitch, which is more close to PsyDub. We are trying to discover this genre in series of Ethneomystica compilations on Mystic Sound Records.

 The future  of the genre in Russia ?
As I've mentioned we have a lot of talented musicians here in Russia and we can make our stage bigger by supporting each other.

Please name few artists you can recommend.
Naturelement – an amazing musician from Greece, Lyquid Crystal – a wonderful project from Russia.
Globular, Radiactive Sandwich, Slackbaba, Chronos, Yechidah and a lot of talented artists – I can continue endlessly.

What is your favorite place on Earth?
I love my summer house where I live from April till October, with my nice home studio on the second floor with a view over the tops of forest trees.

Your favorite Food?
I love fruit and berries.

Your favorite hobby?
The musicmaking)  As I have an everyday work for Microsoft –  music is my hobby. Hobby  taking all my free time)

Some words with you energy for Sunday Freak readers:
I believe that music can make this world better. I wish all people could live in peace and be happy. Support each other and enjoy your kind deeds. Thank you, Sunday Freak magazine, VooDooDOll and X.P. Voodoo for your support, I’m honored)
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014 16:08

DJ Kushi

Interview with legendary DJ Kushi, one of the key figures of  early Israeli Goa trance scene.
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Saturday, 06 September 2014 06:44

IRINA MIKHAILOVA‏ - Exclusive Interview

Today we are happy to present you an exclusive interview with one of the most charming woman of The Earth Irina Mikhailova.
Diva from Russia has unforgettable voice, which builds the stairways from reality to the imaginary sky world...vibrations of it will forever stay deep inside your mind in space of your dreams...
Rich of the multi-ethnic sounds that surrounded her childhood, and the depth of her soul, Irina Mikhailova blends her warm and otherworldly vocals with trance-inducing music of an amazing cast of musicians such as Kaya Project (UK), Vibrasphere (Sweden), Star Sounds Orchestra (Germany), Omnimotion (Sweden), Vlastur (Greece), Toires (France), Govinda (USA), Seb Mullaert of Minilogue (Sweden), Medicine Drum (USA) and more.

Irina Mikhailova sings to us from the heart of her indigenous roots that lay in the rich traditions of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Born and raised in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Irina currently resides in San Francisco, where for the last few years she has released many solo and collaborative projects, most of which explore vocal technique, traditional instrumentation and digital composition, all while taking in the styles of contemporary folk, modern lounge, dub-ambient, tribal trance, and Arabic groove.
Irina's music has been used in variety of documentaries and feature films. One of the highlights include movie "Salt" starring Angelina Jolie as well as "Halo", a multi-billion dollar science fiction video game.

She plays frequently in Europe and has performed at variety of festivals such as Peter Gabriel"s Womad festival in England as well as festivals in Japan, Morocco, Australia and more. Her solo albums are receiving international critical acclaim and are available on ITunes, Amazon, CDbaby, Napster and Irina's web site:

So, Irina, we are happy to have you in Sunday Freak’s Downtempo World. And thanx a lot
for the time you gave to us . So, please, tell to our readers, why did you choose downtempo electronic music?
I did not ever choose one style of music. I sing traditional music as well as some uptempo electronic music etc. I go by what moves me musically and makes you soar now more selectively than before! So my music style is all about growing with time but also preserving the essence and spirit of traditional chants with which I like to remind new generation to not forget their roots and depth of spirit of this amazing music.
Do you make a difference between Psybient and Psychill?
Not really. For me it is an atmosphere that matters and an effect it has on audience more than what style of music it should be called :)
What is the source of you inspiration?
Experiences of the past, present and future
Does Shakti-power helps you so much?
I feel the divine force but I don't assign it to any culture or religion so that words don't loose their power if overused in certain circles.
What is the color of your voice vibes?
I feel the BLUE~
(color of protection)
Which form you beautiful voice has?
Like the ever-changing air and water flow...
Downtempo for you - Lifestyle, subculture or just a genre?
As I said earlier I don't just do downtempo music, I do some very energetic dubstep and other genres so community is my lifestyle, and Eco and Art one because it inspires our lives :)
Downtempo is a special point of mind ?
It is relaxing and rejuvenating and inspires like some other genres meditative restful state!
Do you think that Psychedelic Downtempo is important part of Trance Festivals? 
For sure. People have a need to change the speed of their movement and slow down so this is where downtempo helps balance other styles of music at the festivals or events.
What around us- Nature, Space or... you can associate with chill out vibrations?
Ether, big body of water like the ocean, or tall and beautiful trees soaring to the skies!
Can you please predict a future of Psychedelic Downtempo genre?
As anything else in life it will evolve but how? it is for us to decide....hopefully we will get away from formulas and be bold enough to create music which moves forward and does not always fit into any known electronic genre.
Please name few artists you can recommend.
Maluns, SiebZehN, Grouch, Vlastur, Braincell, Kalya Scintilla and many more.....
What is your favorite place on Earth ?
Too many but one of them floating on the cloud ;)
Your favorite Food?

Asian organic
Your favorite hobby?

Some words with your energy for Sunday Freak readers:

Stay inspired and creative, change things if you don't like them even if it seems impossible, remember to be kind and compassionate when it's hard and take good care of your soul/body/mind.
Thank you so much, Irina, Spasibo and please continue to joy us with your art and inspiration.

IRINA MIKHAILOVA PERFORMANCE HIGHLIGHTS • WOMAD, UK • BOOM, Portugal • Big Chill, UK • MEG Montreal, Canada • Samothraki Dance Festival, Greece • Morocco 2000, Morocco • Freedom Festival, Portugal • Return to the Source, Japan • Miami Winter Music Conference, USA • ACA Fest, Mexico • Fullmoon Festival, Germany • Health & Harmony, USA • EarthDance, USA/Germany • Antaris Festival, Germany • Fusion, Germany • Love Parade, Germany • Hadra Fest, France • VuuV, Germany • Ozora, Hungary • Howeird street fair, USA
PREVIOUS RELEASES Irina has appeared on a variety of recordings and compilations in the last few years including : Firedance by Kaya Project (Interchill / Canada / UK) Desert Phase by Kaya Project (Interchill / Canada / UK) Firedance by Kaya Project (Interchill / Canada / UK) Cafe Paradiso ( Park Lane rec, UK ) Ease Division 3 ( Spiral Trax, Sweden ) Lucid Dreaming by Eastern Spirit ( MikelaBella, Israel) Isabliss by Amethystium (Neurodisc Rec, USA ) The Riddle Of Isla De Pascua ( Avatar / Israel ) Hadravision ( Hadra Records / FR ) Eco Zen 2 ( One World Music / AU ) Beginner's guide to Bellydance ( Demon Music / UK ) Night Flower (Elefaria Rec / USA ) Buddha Bar X (George V / France ) Lumin - Ketri (Dakini Records / Japan) Café Tel Aviv (Avatar / Israel) Destination Lounge San Francisco, Vol. 2 (Revive The Soul / USA) Angels Voices (Sequoia Records / USA) Floating Point 4 (Sofa Beats-Iboga / DK) Vibrasphere - Exploring the Tributaries ( TribalVisionRecords / CZ) Beginner's guide to Buddha Lounge (Demon Music / UK) Tribal Matrix (Dakini / Japan) Cafe Goa (Avatar/ Israel) Defining Moments (Chillosophy/ SE) Farewell Ferengistan (Banco De Gaia / UK) The Riddle Of Santa Catherina (Avatar / IS) Caravan Of Light (Lua / USA) A weekend in Paris (Water Music / USA) New World Groove (Interchill / Canada / UK) Buddha Tea Lounge (Sugo / USA) Frequent Flyer (KinkySweet / USA) San Francisco under a Groove (NHR / USA) Soul Vibration (Liquid Records / UK) Celtic Lounge (Sequoia / USA) Tropical Chill (Sequoia / USA) Pour le Bain (E-FrenchSound / France) Dimanche (Water Music / USA) Destination Lounge San Francisco (UBL Records / USA) Traveler 3 (Six Degrees Records / USA) 13th Moon (Interchill / Canada / UK) Earth Octave Lounge (Interchill / Canada / UK) Walking Through by Kaya Project (Interchill / Canada / UK) Elixir by Kaya Project (Interchill / Canada / UK) Miditation 2 (Ceiba Records / USA) How Weird Street Fair (Ceiba Records / USA) Majmar by Toires (Hoots Records / France) Black Ops by Red Seal (Flow Records / Portugal) Lumin - Hadra (Valley / USA) Music for Qigong Dancing by Star Sounds Orchestra (Millenium Records / UK) Medicine Drum - Original Face (Cyber Octave Music / USA) Earth Dance 2000 (Cyber Octave Music / USA) Medicine Drum - Talking Stick (Cyber Octave Music / USA)
Links to Irina Mikhailova web space:
VooDooDoill Materials
Second report from Holy Land of www.goa-freaks.com
"Eat-Dance-Love-Live for Peace in Israel" series.

This time we met to talk to the true veterans to let you know  the real story of the establishment and development of trance movement and psychedelic culture in Israel.
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Friday, 05 September 2014 13:23

The true story of Psychedelic karahana

Second report from Holy Land of www.goa-freaks.com
"Eat-Dance-Love-Live for Peace in Israel" series.
The true story of Psychedelic karahana by Astral Projection , Dj Dede, Miko Californian Sunshine and Kushi

This time we met to talk to the true veterans to let you know  the real story of the establishment and development of trance movement and psychedelic culture in Israel.
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Tuesday, 05 August 2014 08:02

ASTROPILOT - Exclusive interview

Today we publish our exclusive interview with one of the leading artists of Downtempo World- Russian based project Astropilot.


1) Few words about your project,please.
Hi folks! My name is Dmitriy, mainly I known under my music project AstroPilot. I make music for last 15 years and I create psychedelic chillout/progressive music since 2005. From the beginning of this project I made psychill with some ethnic vibes, but after some years I slowly moved to music with spacy atmospheres and slow progressive/trance beats, someones call it chillgresive, also I make totally beatless space ambient music.

2) Why did you choose downtempo electronic music?
Well I listened to psychedelic trance music since middle of 90s, and in 00s my very first music sketches were in psy-trance music, and after some time I got tired from trance and I focused more on slow rhythms as listener and as musician. And I found myself in it. Since that time I tried many genres, so now I would like to say that I don't make some exact genre of music, I make music that could includes elements from many music genres. I try to stay from limits of music styles, I try to make something my own.

3) Do you make a difference between Psybient and Psychill?
Music critics invent musical genres, then I just make music that I like, I can't decide how to call it, it's up to listeners.

4) What is the source of your inspiration?
Love, life, travel, books.

5) Downtempo for you - Lifestyle, subculture, just a genre?
Now downtempo for me is just a word, I can listen to many kinds of music as well I can make many kinds of music, all depends of my mood and purpose.

6) Do you think that Psychedelic Downtempo is important part of Trance Festivals?
Sure, it is. I love multi-style events for many tastes and moods.

7) What around us- Nature, Space or... you can associate with chill out vibrations?
I think both. If you know about original meaning of ambient music is an ambience, so it could be nature and it could be space, depends of where you are :)

8) Can you please predict a future of Psychedelic Downtempo genre?
Mix of many genres but with some deep psychedelic vibe.
9) Please name few artists you can recommend.
From psychedelic scene: Cabeiri, Alwoods, Suduya, Tipper, Aes Dana, Merkaba.. It's really hard to choose some names since that time I became full-time musician. Sometimes I prefer silence instead of music :D I recommend listen to different music. My current favorite album is modern classical album - Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons.

10) What is your favorite place on Earth?
I love some quiet nature places - forests, mountains.. Every country has some variations of it. So it really hard to select one place. And there are many places in this planet that still wait me.

11) Your favorite Food
I'm vegetarian, so I like any fresh veggies and fruits.

12) Your favorite hobby
Travel, finding new interesting places.

13) Some words for Sunday Freak readers:
We are born in truth, but until we grow, we begin to believe the lies ... Scariest lie in human history - a lie about our imperfections..
VooDooDoll Exclusive
Tuesday, 05 August 2014 07:40

ALWOODS - Exclusive Interview

We love this guy and his music. Real genius, the founder of new  direction in psychedelic music and just a nice dude.
Sunday Freak e-Magazine proudly presents
Alwoods ( Altar records, Greece)
John Rigas (aka Alwoods)  was drawn to psychedelic music when he began Djing more than a decade ago. After a long time of experimenting with sound, learning to write, composing and studying music technology, finally arrived in Downtempo and Alwoods project came up in the field.

 Until so far, 2 full length albums are being produced. Aeolian Mode and Long Life Forest.

Alwoods draws inspiration from his love of nature, the elements, and his time spent in the Greek mountainside. Moreover, from all journeys, festivals and beautiful places that he visited all around in the world.

 "Aeolian Mode" is an album full of soft driving beats wrapped in thick psychedelic auras that is perfect for stimulating the energies of a new day. Natural sounds, bright atmospheres, and pulsing energies create a wondrous audio experience that fuses morning sounds with deep ambience. Each sound hits your ears with thick bass lines that vibrate and resonate your ear drums and your entire being.

"Long Life Forest" is John’s second full-length album. Beautiful melodies accompany driving bass-lines as energies are lifted and sustained by John's signature 4/4 kick. Every song is a unique piece of art in itself, and the quality and craftsmanship reflect the time taken to produce the entire album.

His albums have been released from Altar rec, but he also has released single tracks and remixes in Plusquam rec, Omnimoon rec, Atmospheric rec.

Also, Alwoods has appearances in Great Events like :

- PsyMind 2012, ORiON 2014 Canada
- Ometeotl festival 2014 Mexico
- Aristofreaks 2013 , Systo Gathering 2014 Russia
- Tangra Festival 2012 Bulgaria
- The Xperiment 2012 Ukraine
- Modern Shamanism 2013 Malta
- Spirit Base 2012 Hungary
- Ambient Revolution #3 2012 Greece
(and this summer ‘’Seli Mountain Gathering’’ 2014 and ‘’Sonica festival’’ 2014 Italy)

1)So,  "ALWOODS" what does it mean?
There are two meanings for me, firstly that feels to me as All Woods literally, all the woods of the world, and secondly, there was a period that a passing by asteroid named Alwoods by its discoverer and I kinda liked the name.

2) What planet are you from?
Totally Earth! Nature, Sea, Sky, Mountains, nowhere else this beauty.

3) Why did you choose downtempo electronic music?
After a long period in Psy music, I wanted to try something new for me. My path began and lead me to downtempo, keeping psy vibes and elements of my beloved tunes but at the same time adding atmospheric natural sounds, in lower bpm.

4) Which space area your music comes to us ?
Planet of imagination

5) Do you make a difference between Psybient and Psychill?
I don’t think that there is a significant difference between those two genres, but for me Psybient comes with a bit more movement of soul and body, with 4/4 kick.

6) You have two albums this kind of music? Which you like more? Tell me, please a few words about both?
Basically, the first one is more atmospheric and slower in comparison with the second one. Second one has higher tempo, and has sounds that reminds me also progressive elements and psychedelic atmosphere. I can’t really say that I prefer one more than other, I have beloved tracks both from first and second album.

7) What kind of connection do you have with your friends from outer space?
We are still on cable connection… haven’t upgrade to wireless!! LoL

8) Downtempo for you - Lifestyle, subculture, just a genre?
Downtempo is for me my life at this moment, who knows, it might get evolved…

9) Do you think that Psychedelic Downtempo is important part of Trance Festivals?
Of course it’s important, because I think they are parallel genres, and one is attached and surface the other, so that it can exists absolute balance and travel within the sounds of both genres.

10) Can you please predict a future of Psychedelic Downtempo genre?
There is already evolution in Downtempo, and I see that more progressive and trance elments make appearance these days. Sometimes, the magic is just wait and see

11) Please name few artists you can recommend.
Cabeiri, Astropilot, Suduaya, Asura, Carbon based lifeforms

12) What is your favorite place on Earth?
Olympos Mountain! So spiritual place! Area of enlightenment to me!

13) Your favorite Food
Greek gyros

14) Your favorite hobby?
Videogames, Pool, weekend journeys and trekking

15) Some words for Sunday Freak readers:
Thank you so much for your support! It’s so essential to me, seems soon that we will all have new experiences from Alwoods to enjoy!
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Wednesday, 25 June 2014 17:29

Joti Sidhu aka PsyChaos

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Monday, 16 June 2014 08:28


We think that the magazine, dedicated to Goa-Freaks.Com would be great to open with some action. Let’s say- to demonstrate you one of hundreds, seems to be typical stories of those, who can call themselves Goa Freaks..
Backpackers-travellers-hippies, who in the end of 90-s passed Goa for couple weeks during their India's spiritual or whatever tripping and found themselves after few months or sometime years, blasting their brain off in fluorescent clothes on crazy trance parties of these days. No money- No honey-No Passport-No visa-No Problem. Many of these people have been dissolved in the history of Goa, some are not on the Earth anymore, and the others exchanged their free life on solid work in normal World. Only the strongest survived. And some of them actually did it really well, still being the Freaks. They chose to do something according to their way of life, to reach one level, to stay in Freaks life World, but enjoy of it as much as possible by creation and inspiration from the heart.
So here today, we are talking in a private with one of these hippies of 90's. By chance he is also one of our favourite musicians, super good friend and really cool dude, whose spirit can truly represent the soul and vision of all GOA FREAKS: Avalon
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Monday, 16 June 2014 08:26

Dj Tristan

We were keeping this interview for a while to publish it exactly in that Peace-Love-Freedom-Happiness edition. After you will listen to that home style talking, you will understand why…
Apart of being superb Dj, one of the veterans of Goa trance scene, this guy is simply fantastic person. He is the Dj, who stays on the dance floor all the time – before and after his set- rocking and blasting with the crowd. According to the amount of his bookings on the festivals and parties all over the World we can admit him as psy Trance Dj No1 on the World for few years already.
But he always finds a place for his beautiful house on the sea shore and his beloved paradise – Goa. So we just caught him in his backyard on Anjuna, put him on the sofa…And decided to talk about many things, but absolutely not about music.
Today is our honour to present an exclusive interview for Sunday Freak e-Magazine with DJ TRISTAN/ NANO rec/ UK
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Monday, 16 June 2014 08:11

Ben from Hadra Festival

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Monday, 16 June 2014 08:05

Interview & Music - Scotty Canadian

Scotty Canadian sings the best of his songs for Sunday Freak e-Magazine
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Friday, 13 June 2014 05:07

Interview - Scotty

Scotty Canadian sings the best of his songs for Sunday Freak e-Magazine
Saturday, 10 May 2014 12:05

Page 2: Interviews - David Icke

There were few optional videos about Communes, Utopic Villages and Freakscities. But after global web search we decided to publish one only, but definitely - most interesting from all.
Check out what grown up Hippies telling about their communal life in 60’s
Today we publish few interviews on Multiverse Theory.
These videos are definitely not for those psy animals, who are watching our site just to be informed about the parties. Open your mind for scientific discussions and deep matter understanding.



Saturday, 05 April 2014 17:30

Page 2: Interviews - Dj Tristan

We were keeping this interview for a while to publish it exactly in that Peace-Love-Freedom-Happiness edition. After you will listen to that home style talking, you will understand why…
Apart of being superb Dj, one of the veterans of Goa trance scene, this guy is simply fantastic person. He is the Dj, who stays on the dance floor all the time – before and after his set- rocking and blasting with the crowd. According to the amount of his bookings on the festivals and parties all over the World we can admit him as psy Trance Dj No1 on the World for few years already.
But he always finds a place for his beautiful house on the sea shore and his beloved paradise – Goa. So we just caught him in his backyard on Anjuna, put him on the sofa…And decided to talk about many things, but absolutely not about music.
Today is our honour to present an exclusive interview for Sunday Freak e-Magazine with DJ TRISTAN/ NANO rec/ UK
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