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Editorial 12th Edition

Reading is a food for the brain. For our expanded consciousness we require very special literature that might open our mind.
From the middle of 19th century psychedelic and esoteric World gave to the humanity hyper talented genius writers, poets and storytellers. Blavastkaya’s “Secret Doctrine” changed an idea about Mankind origin, Carol’s “Alice in Wonderland” tripped out few generations. Bob Frissel’s “Nothing In This Book Is True” is a table Bible for any opened minded human. Castaneda, Kesey, Huxley, Liri, Hoffman, Welsh, Tompson….we know all that names from our Goa’s 90s young ages and we are sure you have read more of their books.
But the world of psychedelic literature is much wider and particular. Some of those writers were or still are prohibited. Many of the novels were published once upon a time and disappeared from the stores or never appeared in your country yet. Official sources do not talk much about this releases and more of them are known only to narrow round of psy fiction lovers.
Today we dedicate our magazine to that very important part of our culture - PSYCHEDELIC READINGS.
Chefs Editors:
Goa-Freaks.Com want to thank our friends from www.psypressuk.com for help and a useful information. Check this site for latest releases in psychedelic press world
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