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As you know, we have send a team of Goa-Freaks.Com in Karnataka to make a special report that will help freaks to find easy way to succeed a HAMPI TRIP and bring back in Goa fantastic memories and open mind.
After their return, we were trying to meet our spaced out reporters, Sterling and Ramaram to make a ideo interview with them about their trip, but as we understood this trip was not finished yet for both of them. So, we decided just to record and write down their story and that is a written and edited version of their mumbling:
"Ok, so after more than ten years of Hampi travelling experience this time we were especially attentive to that very little aspects that compose a situation that we are calling perfect psychedelic getaway and that also expand your consciousness in many different ways. I will try to give a few useful freaks advices, and I guarantee that if you follow our path - your expressions will be maximum positive and the journey absolute comfortable.
Let’s start.
Few options:
* Sleeper bus from Mapusa - 9 hours. Cheap way, but quite dodgy conditions.
* Your bike. Possible if it is good one, better Enfield- some parts of the roads are much damaged.
* Taxi. The best for the group of 4-6 people - just take a Jeep. The optimal price from Anjuna is 7000- 8000 Rupees one way, which makes 3000-4000 for one person to go and come back. Nothing actually, compared what you will get for that money
* Private car. If you do not have one- rent a good one, so your trip will be much more fast and comfortable. This is my recommended option for 2-4 people.
The road by bike/car will take around 7-9 hours depends on the traffic. If you will choose Saturday/Sunday - you will reach Hampi easier. Anyway,
better to take a Highway Panaji-Ponda, the asphalt is pretty good, the only part you will have to be attentive starts right after the border with Karnataka and bump you for 10 kilometres. After that - NR4A till Hubli, follow directions to Hospet and ask anyone* for Hampi
(* There are not many indications on all the roads. And you do not want to make a roundabout. So you can ask locals in easy English the correct way. But! Here is the trick. Never! Never ask one person and trust him. Always ask one more. And if their directions will be the same- go without doubt. Ah, I forgot.. Its 21st century now, so the easiest way - just to connect your 3G smartphone to Google maps or use the GPS)
This time our gang found a super option to divide our drive on two parts and to make a few hours break. We discovered a magic trippy backwater lake - Supa Dam Reservoir. It is just in the middle of the way - 3,5 hours from Goa. While you are in Karnataka already, after the serpentine, turn right in Ramnagar. Drive 30 kilometres, pass Ganeshgudi ( by the way there is fantastic rafting river and birds sanctuary around this village). Go bit further and turn right to the lake. Stop on the dumb, go down and enjoy the cleanest sweet water you can find in India. Deep, fresh and safe. Spectacular surroundings and very hallucinated situation. From that spot there is also a road to Hampi- not the best, but it exists.
Important is to be in the village before 6pm. After that the boat service that taking you on the other side of the river is closed and you have to stuck in old Hampi. Beautiful seven centuries back, but quite ugly as the place to stay.* your last destination is exactly the other side- which is completely different planet and the place you will have the TRIP OF YOUR LIFE. So, take a boat, after the crossing take a rickshaw and go straight to MOWGLI GUEST HOUSE**. Now, attention: If you visit Hampi with the group of the friends to go together in other dimensions - take the room No 35 (and 34 if you are more than two). Amazing view on river's spate and rice fields surrounded by palms with additional bonus - frogs night concerts.
If you have more romantic situations, I recommend you super sweet room No 31. Spectacular view as well, but you also get lovely quiet veranda with moon view and crickets crackling melodies. You will never regret***

( * For us the worse was the poor food options- only veg, spicy Indian food. Dosa and idly for breakfast, Rice and dal for lunch and Aloo Paratha for the dinner. Brrr. But on other side of the river choice is wider and better, so we survived in the end.
** There are few other OK places to stay -
Goa Corner - Good point- cheap. Bad- full of Israeli kids always making balagan and drumming all night long.
Shanti . Good point - nice rooms. Bad point- ugly surroundings- houses and walls.
Laughing Buddha. Good point- I don't know. Bad point- strange attitude of the stuff
*** Important notice. If you plan your trip before, you better make a call in Mowgli to book your room at least a week before. Tell that you saw the information on Goa-Freaks.Com and you will get the special discount.+919448003606. Shrinivas.)
Hampi temples and ruins are simply amazing. You need to start your spiritual journey early - around 9am- later is getting really hot and the main temple is getting closed after 12am.
Visit it at first, and then take any rickshaw. For 600 Rupees he will take you all around, wait, show you the cultural heritage in the best way with explanations, stories and local jokes. All the round should not take you more than four hours. Please take a camera, bottle of water and smoke if you need- there are some very particular panoramic spots to seat and roll. If you check all the magazine, you will see the whole guide through the ruins. But we specially did not mention there one particular sunset spot- Hanuman temple. On the hill of 120 Meters high, after you will almost die on the 1000th step for the last 1000 years standing the most powerful temple of Monkey God in South India. Panoramic view from the top is simply breath taking. Try to be there one hour before the sunset, and you will never forget this moment in your entire life. I promise you.

The side where you stay (Across the river) is full of natural surprising beauties in all the ways possible. Unique landscape making you feel yourself on the other planet. (For sure not in Goa:). Huge lake with super clean water for day tripping and swimming*. And spectacular rice fields surrounded by chaotic hills and stones, palm groves, weird plants and absolutely relaxed vibe**. What can be better for us to spend at least one day in some other dimensions. So, we opened our magic box full of different options....and ...listen...I have seen visuals in my life! But what we experienced after few hours of climbing on breathing stones, roaming around all this trippy paths, feeling real power of Shiva and watch the most monumental sunset of our lives with the sound of mantras from the temple..it is not possible to explain. Just think about this and maybe one of the next days you will find yourself between the moving stones that are glittering and talking to you in multidimensional magical world of great Hampi.
(* Do not believe "Dangerous, crocodiles" writing. Nothing inside the water. Super advice - take a round boat trip. Small round boats can take up to 3 people. Amazing, really, especially if you are high.
** We are talking about the hallucinate walk through the path behind Goa Corner resort in the rice fields area. Wow! Also you can take a pass over a hill near this resort and you will come to the other side- other view, other surprises-caves, strange trees, etc. )
Uff…can we smoke one now? And a glass of water, please..Thank you.”

All photos in this magazine were done by Goa-Freaks.Com. Please add a link if you repost them.
Full gallery you can watch HERE:
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