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This is a place for partylovers - you can check weekly for our top recommended and supported events. Enjoy your stay in Goa as much as you can. We remind you that the Drugs and Alchohol are not good for you. Think about it.
Ok, freaks, so lets see what do we have interesting and recommended for the next days in sunny joyful Goa:
After the incredibly successful gig with Shpongle in Goa Bardo, Revival and Third Eye team up once again to bring you international, Progressive Trance Legend back to the shores of gorgeous Goa on the 23rd of February


Line up :: Sunday 23rd Feb 2014
Ace Ventura by Yoni Oshrat - FM Bookings/ Iboga Records Israel (Ace will start his set at 4.30 pm so dont be late) 
Pogo aka Master Blasters - NANO RECORDS UK
Earthling - Zero One Music Ibiza 
Dj Digoa - Zero One Music Brazil

Opening by :
Nelio One Eyed + Arsh - Bardo Residents 

Come early for maximum blasting as this one really promises to be pumping!!

Remember bring your groove and leave the attitude ;)

See you on Ashwem Beach....@ Bardo

Tickets available at the venue

Artist info about Ace Ventura 
Behind the Ace Ventura project is Yoni Oshrat - one of Israels biggest talents in electronic music, with a career on top of the scene, stretching for over a decade. Already from an early age Yoni was heavily influenced with music. 

He was born in a musical family with his father being a famous Israeli composer and song writer (for instance behind the Eurovision song "Halelujah"), and it was there
fore no surprise that he went for a career in the sound-business; at first in the TV and movie-industry as a sound producer.

After discovering the blooming trance-scene in the beginning of the nineties, he started DJ'ing and teamed up with his friend DJ Goblin to form the psychedelic trance project Children Of The Doc, which later changed name to PSYSEX. Together they released 3 critically-acclaimed full length albums on HOMmega Productons, and played a big part in establishing Israel as one of the most important trance-countries on the globe.

After several years of intense touring, playing at some of the biggest parties and festivals worldwide, Yoni's taste moved more and more towards the slower, groovier side of music though, and from 2006 he took the decision to leave the Psysex project and form the two soloprojects SCHATSI and ACE VENTURA. With Schatsi he was quickly featured on labels like Hadshot and Mylo's Breastfed Recordings, and top DJ's like John Digweed played some of his material on numerous occasions. More attention was put into the Ace Ventura project though, and using a fusion of the hard, pumping dancefloor-oriented style from Psysex and the deeper, groovier influences of progressive trance, the Ace Ventura project became a big success, and in a matter of just a few releases, such as the now classic debut "Cardiac Arrest", he was already considered among the top producers on the progressive trance scene.

After appearing on releases on labels like Flow, Echoes, Blue Tunes, Spintwist, HOMmega and Iboga Records he finally released his debut solo album "Rebirth" in 2007, which was without a doubt one of the biggest releases of the year. It resulted in Ace Ventura winning the Psytrance category at the Beatport Music Awards in 2008.
About one year later the album was followed by a remix album "Re:Boot", which contained two CD's with remixes by various progressive trance, house, electro house and techno artists. This release, together with the release of "The Spark", the summer anthem remix of FREq's "Short Life Again" as well as a collaborations with various artists - also resulted in Ace Ventura winning the Psytrance category at the Beatport Music Awards in 2009, For the second year in a row. Recently releases such as 'Inside us' (together with Timelock) and the Interactive noise remix for the classic tune 'Presence' have reached the first place in the Beatport psytrance charts.

Despite playing all around the globe, at major events from Boom in Portugal, XXXPerience, Tribe and Universo Paralello in Brazil, Solstice in Japan, Glade in the UK ,Ozora in Hungary to Indian Spirit, Tshitraka, Antaris and Full Moon in Germany, Yoni isn't resting on the laurels – Working on other projects such as EASY RIDERS – together with fellow friend and partner Roy Tilbor (aka Rocky) – as well as on the newborn project ZENTURA, together with Wouter Thomassesn (aka Zen Mechanics) and last but not least, on the longtime collaboration LIQUID ACE, together with Nicola Capobianco (aka Liquid soul).

Besides producing tracks for various labels, Yoni complied a few successfull compilations, namely the 'New order' series for HOMmega records, which was the first progressive release of the label, as well as 'Digital beings' for Echoes records. Recently he compiled the double CD 'Dance Computer' for Iboga records, and now the 3rd chapter of the 'New order' series is ready to be unleashed as well. These days, final work is underway on the 2nd Ace Ventura album – 'Paradise engineering' – to be released by the end of the year on Iboga records.

Pogo is Jamie Patterson. Jamie’s yet another old school artist who will play at this sunday at BARDO. Since the 90′s he’s been kicking it Psy style, organising some of London’s first indoor parties and then gradually taking them to the outdoors under the legendary Wingmakers banner. Besides his solo project Pogo, he also forms one half of Nano Records duo Master Blasters, who some of you may have seen at Origin Festival 2013. Be sure to catch Pogo play his incredible dance floor meltdwon set at BARDO this SUNDAY just after Earthling!!

Earthling is the solo project of Dj Celli. Celli was born on the island of Ibiza in 1977. In the early 90's, he began going to Full Moon parties and clubs on the island, which influenced him greatly.

In 1992, he began working with an organization in Ibiza called Art Party, and learned the art of party organizing. When the first Psychedelic Trance arrived on the island, Celli fell in love with the music, and he, and a group of friends began organizing their own parties. These parties were very successful, and helped to kick off the psytrance scene in Ibiza, which is still very popular today. It was at one of these parties that he played his first dj set.

In the year 1998, after six years of making parties, and djing on the island, Celli bought his first studio equipment, and began creating his own music, shortly afterwards he formed his solo project… Earthling, releasing his first tracks "Just Say Yes" on T.I.P. records, "Dusty Hoffmans" on Neurobiotic records, and his debut album "Patterns" on Acidance records in 2001, which gave him global recognition, and launched his career as an international Dj and performer.

Shortly afterward, with his friends Riktam and Bansi of legendary Psytrance group GMS, he formed a new group called Soundaholix . Celli also produces Minimal Techno under the name Monoxcide, and Chill out, under the name Earthling , with his tracks appearing on many Ibiza-based compilations over the years, and has a chillout/Dub based project with Nick Doof called 3rd Ear Audio.

He currently tours continuously, bringing his unique style of psychedelic trance to all four corners of the globe. In short celli is one of goa's most loved dj's and its a treat to see this man raise dust each time he gets behind the decks! 

Background On The Organizers.

Revival was unofficially formed back in 1998, when a bunch of friends decided to drive down a few hours outside Mumbai to party endlessly keeping goatrance as the theme. Since then Varun Talreja, the man behind revival has on occasion been organizing some of Mumbai's most memorable underground psy trance parties. By working with the biggest names in the scene and experiencing some of the best productions in the world, each and every Revival party tries to be as unique and special as the next. 

Originally from Mumbai, Varun recently moved to London and by getting in touch with some of his old friends, decided to re-venture back into India's exploding psy trance scene. 

With a history of great productions in Mumbai and Goa, put up with friends such as Karan Third Eye and Karran Khanna since 1998, we truly are excited to see this pioneer's next few events...


Third Eye Records has been the Pioneer trance record label from Mother India. The idea of Third Eye Records was born in the year 2000 by its founder Karan Bhojwani. Since childhood Karan has been going to Goa. While he was a child he was always fascinated by the colorful and creative people he would encounter on his trips to the beach or the famous Anjuna flea market which he was taken to by his parents. Music on the beach, beautiful people, fire jugglers and dancers all dancing under an open sky. These moments had left quite an impression on him and so as each year passed Karan was more captivated by this Goa freedom vibe. After this the Goa bug had bitten him and he has been a fan and trance dancer ever since.

In the year 2000/2001 Karan and a few friends realized that till date there was not a single Indian trance record label on the international scene. Neither was there any prominent artist or DJs. This situation didn't seem right, after all India was the home of Goa and one of the main points of global trance culture. So many people from all around the world came here for inspiration, made music based on the feelings and vibe they felt here. Yet we did not have any of our own artists or labels doing the same.

During frequent discussions with friends Karan realized that many people shared the same feelings, and yet nothing was being done about it, so along with 3 friends they decided to try doing something. This was the brief birth and life of “Illegal Records”. Armed with a mission of establishing India as a global trance force Karan along with 3 friends, Tarun (Boombay Central), Varun Talreja and Karan K all decided to put efforts together to launch a label. A few months were spent on conceptualizing this baby, however due to personal commitments and various external factors nothing came of the label.

So then in mid 2002 Karan decided to take it upon himself. It took a lot of hard work and determination, and of course much learning, due to the fact that no one had attempted an international label like this from India before. So there were no clear paths or guidelines to follow. Everything had to be learned and developed from scratch. After one year from the original dream the reality of “THIRD EYE RECORDS” was finally taking shape.

August 2003 was the birth of THIRD EYE RECORDS in the international trance arena. Third Eye had its first release “DIGITAL EYES” which was a true milestone, being that it was the ‘First Ever Indian Trance Record Label’, and the ‘First CD to be released from India Internationally’! A dream had been realized, and now the mission of Third Eye Records is to help make dreams like this come true for many new upcoming Indian artists and DJs to give us all an equal platform in the international stage. And of course to show that there is a true trance force coming out of India. After EVOLUTION another compilation by Karan and the Audialize album Starship earth, another CD ter004 was made but never released. This will soon be available through our site. 

In 2007, Karan joined forces with old time friend Raoul Verma to re-launch the 3rd Eye. Many late night conversations, many similar visions, and many parties later they are united with one simple message, that the true psychedelic experience can never die and that 3rd Eye Records is going to do everything in its power to keep the vibe alive. We aim for many more parties, many more cd releases and many more friends and fans on the way there.

More info on http://www.thirdeyerecords.in/nodes/home


W.A.F ::::::: Wafisha's Artists' Family & HillTop Goa proudly presents  Hadra Trance Festival promo party 
at Hill Top Goa 


>> Psysex - Hadra Records - Israel (for his 1st 2014 gig in India and at the occasion of the release of his new album on Hadra Records - "Mind Penetration")

>> Cubic Spline - Hadra Records - France

>> LunaRave - Hadra Records - France (at the occasion of the release of his new album on Hadra Records - "Do you know who you are ?")

>> Djdriss - Hadra Records - France

>> LovPacT - Hadra Records - France

>> Starling - Bom Shanka / Hill Top Rec. - Goa

>> Phobos - Looney Moon Rec. - Italie

>> Marek - Looney Moon Experiment / Looney Moon Records - Italie

>> Olivier - France

Deco : Looney Moon Deco & Hybrid UV


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