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Editorial 11th Edition

Forget about Goa... At least for one week. If you would ever decide to come back, actually. It is so spoiled, build up, crowded and commercialized lately, that there is 
no place, where you can enjoy your psychedelic life.

But! Just in a few hours of driving from Anjuna hides the real natural psychedelic getaway and World's cultural heritage, by coincidence. Amazing nature, aliens planet landscapes, hyper trippy surroundings and thousands years of pure Shiva power. Sacral place, done by gods and have been created to hallucination generation. To us.

Last week we have send a specially prepared team of Goa-Freaks.Com reporters, loaded with some of the best gash production of Hoffman, Shulgin and other chemistry geniuses to that sacred paradise, and we found out, that in many ways ....


So, this edition we dedicate to that magical place with incredible history and wonderful myths. We do not want to provide you with simple basic official tourist information that you can easy find in web. The idea is to reveal some special moments, tripping routes, freaks useful advices and places of power that will make you move there from wherever you are now to have a trip of your life.

As for the next three weeks there will be no parties in Goa, we highly recommend you to pack your friends, small backpack, some "products", chillum and visit the Holy Land of Vijayanagara Empire.

Chief Editors Group.

Full magazine will be published at 3pm Indian time. Check it then


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