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Here you will be informed about the freaky alternative science facts and researches from all over the World and Outer Space. We will publish our researches in alternative science field to open some of the main mysteries of the Humanity: 
If you ever visited the parties organised by Goa-Freaks.Com, you might realise that for the last years we have put a lot of attention to the visionary sector. Now Daydreamer Creative Lab, using the latest video mapping and VJing thechnologies have reached a top level of production of psychedelic projections and today the specialists from the Lab would like to reveal some secrets and tricks in video mapping and Psychedelic visuals tech and try to give you an idea about
VJing as itself.

VJing is a broad designation for real time visual performance. Characteristics of VJing are the creation or manipulation of imagery in real time through technological mediation and for an audience, in synchronization to music. VJing often takes place at events such as psychedelic trance parties, nightclubs, music festivals and sometimes in combination with other performative arts. This results in a live multimedia performance that can include music, actors and dancers. The term VJing became popular in its association with MTV's Video Jockey but its origins date back to the New York club scene of the 70s. In both situations VJing is the manipulation or selection of visuals, the same way DJing is a selection and manipulation of audio.

One of the key elements in the practice of VJing is the real time mix of content from a "library of media", on storage media image files on computer hard drives, live camera input, or from a computer generated visuals. In addition to the selection of media, VJing mostly implies real time processing of the visual material.
Technological developments
The availability and affordability of new consumer-level technology allowed many more people to get involved into VJing. The dramatic increase in computer processing power that became available facilitated more compact, yet often more complex setups, sometimes allowing VJs to bypass using a video mixer, using powerful computers running VJ software to control their mixing instead. However, many VJs continue to use video mixers with multiple sources, which allows flexibility for a wide range of input devices and a level of security against computer crashes or slowdowns in video playback due to overloading the CPU of computers due to the demanding nature of realtime video processing.
Today's VJs have a wide choice of off the shelf hardware products, covering every aspect of visuals performance, including video sample playback (Korg Kaptivator), real-time video effects (Korg Entrancer) and 3D visual generation (Edirol CG8).
The widespread use of DVDs gave initiative for scratchable DVD players (Pioneer DVJ-X1 andPioneer DVJ-1000).
Many new models of MIDI controllers became available during the 2000s, which allow VJs to use controllers based on physical knobs, dials, and sliders, rather than interact primarily with the mouse/keyboard computer interface.

There are also many VJs working with experimental approaches to working with live video. Open source graphical programming environments (such as Pure Data) are often used to create custom software interfaces for performances, or to connect experimental devices to their computer for processing live data (for example, the IBVA EEG-reading brainwave unit, the Arduino microprocessor, orcircuit bending children's toys).

The second half of this decade also saw a dramatic increase in display configurations being deployed, including widescreen canvases, multiple projections and video mapped onto the architectural form. This shift has been underlined by the transition from broadcast based technology - fixed until this decade firmly in the 4x3 aspect ratio specifications NTSCand PAL - to computer industry technology, where the varied needs of office presentation, immersive gaming and corporate video presentation have led to diversity and abundance in methods of output. Compared to the ~640x480i fixed format of NTSC/PAL, a contemporary laptop using DVI can output a great variety of resolutions up to ~2500px wide, and in conjunction with the Matrox TripleHead2Go can feed three different displays with an image coordinated across them all.
VJ hardware can be split into categories -
• Source hardware generates a video picture which can be manipulated by the VJ, e.g. video cameras and Video Synthesizers.
• Playback hardware plays back an existing video stream from disk or tape based storage mediums, e.g. VHS tape players and DVD players.
• Mixing hardware allows the combining of multiple streams of video e.g. a Video Mixer or a computer utilizing VJ software.
• Effects hardware allows the adding of special effects to the video stream, e.g. Colour Correction units

• Output hardware is for displaying the video signal, e.g. Video projector, LED display, or Plasma Screen.

There are many types of software a VJ may use in their work, traditional NLE production tools such as Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Apple's Final Cut Pro are used to create content for VJ shows. Specialist performance software is used by VJs to play back and manipulate video in real time. Cinema 4D. Quartz composer.
VJ performance software is highly diverse, many applications are developed by VJs themselves specifically to suit their own performance style. Graphical programming environments such as Max/MSP/Jitter, Isadora and Pure Data have developed to facilitate rapid development of such custom software without needing years of coding experience.

12 Logiciels VJing et Vidéo Mapping

24 logiciels VJ's pour Mac

3L http://thrill.artificialeyes.tv/
CoGe http://coge.lovqc.hu/
Flowmotion http://www.robotfunk.com/
Gephex http://www.gephex.org/
glitchNES http://www.no-carrier.com/glitchnes.html
GRAND VJ http://www.arkaos.net/
Livid Cell http://www.lividinstruments.com/software_cell.php
Mabuse http://mabuse.co.uk/
Modul8 http://www.garagecube.com/modul8/index.php
Motion Dive Tokyo http://www.digitalstage.jp/mdt/index.php
Moldeo http://www.moldeo.org/
MXWendler http://www.mxwendler.net/
Onyx-VJ http://www.onyx-vj.com/
Processing http://www.processing.org/
Puredata http://puredata.info/
Quase-Cinema http://www.quasecinema.org/
Resolume Avenue http://www.resolume.com/avenue/
Salvation http://www.harrisondigitalmedia.com/
SoYuZ http://www.vjsputnik.com/
VJ4live http://www.vj4live.com/
Videator http://www.stone.com/Videator/
VIP 5.0 http://www.artificialeyes.tv/vip
VDMX http://www.vidvox.net/
VJ Mode http://www.soniconlab.com/

PS. Some of live recorded video of VJ Daydreamer from some passed events and all info about him you can find at CLICK here
Two years ago Goa-Freaks.Com have created a new concept of night entertainment. The combined work of the production team, decorators group, DJ and VJs- Conceptual Psychedelic Multimedia Performance. That is the demo video of the Time Odysseey show, filmed on February, 25, 2013
in Panorama Olympia, Goa.

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