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Goa Daily News - 29 March 2014

Saturday. Hot. End of season. Good party yesterday@ UV Bar. We think it is quite enough facts to explain why today's news are in delay of two hours, isn't it? Ok, so as we do not have today a communication with our Space traveler party observer Tanya Z-a, we are in a kind of informational vacuum. Tanya, auuu, where are you?
But good thing is that already long time ago we have created PARTY CALENDAR. So, if you do not know about this functional button on our website, please, check it daily to stay updated about all upcoming trance parties in the World. We remind to all psy promo organizations, that this is a free service to support global psychedelic trance movement. Just add your event on that page by submitting an easy form, and we will promote it through all our net resources, that touch more than 15 000 people daily.
We also want to remind you, that our main purpose is an establishment of psychedelic social networking and creating strong Worldwide trance tribe community.
If you have a wish to join our net, please check all the necessary instruction here by clicking the MEMBERS button. Then choose your option - Member, Advertising or Partner and think about it. We also want to inform you, that due to less happenings in Goa and season closure, Daily News will stop the party information from April 1st and will be continued in the same mode (five times a week from Monday to Friday) with publishing different interesting articles, interviews and etc. from different psychedelic spots of the Planet.
And for sure, you are all waiting for tomorrow's Sunday Freak e-Magazine, 16th edition. Lovely. That time we dedicate full issue to one of the greatest man of psychedelic World. Being not widely known as Hoffman, Leary or Mckenna, this genius scientist introduced to the Humanity few esoteric progressive knowledge that definitely have changed modern society. Stanislav Grof- the founder of LSD Therapy, Holotropic Breathwork, Transpersonal Psychology and many more fundamental fields.
Wherever you are. Whatever you do. Whenever you want. Have a good day, Freaks.
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