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Goa Daily news - 27 March 2014

‘Wizard of Oz’ book gave us at least one precious quotation: ‘Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore’. Same here: I’m not in Goa anymore and the connection is getting worse sometimes because of interplanetary distance, cosmic dust etc.
Anjuna red dust is much more better but what to do – it’s another day to collect the party news bit by bit, nuggets after nuggets and from various sources.
Dot-and-dash system does work in space as well, but it takes much time, you know: speed of light and all this stuff. So I was lucky to intercept few party hints from one secret station.
Where can you hang out tonight then? Unfortunately, I can’t see any trance party today. Sad but true.
Techno addicts can be interested in Goddess Night @MARBELA /Morjim/: it’s a Women’s Techno Battle there from 8 pm. Nastja Dinastija is in a red corner of the musical ring and Raketa is in a blue one. Alexander Smith will be a referee there. Everything is kinda typical in this situation – Morjim, Marbela, two Russian DJ-girls, a battle etc. But there is something missing here… It’s Praveen the percussionist! He is mentioned at the info of EVERY event at Marbela: Praveen is like an integral part of them. He is a Marbela ‘must’, but I don’t see his name written on the flyer this time. Neither do I see any info about who will be a Ring Girl. Yep, this beautiful bikini-and-highheels lady carrying a sign that indicates which round is about to begin. My imagination has just started to draw Praveen the percussionist as a ring girl, but for women’s battle they may need a ring man in a dinner jacket instead of a ring girl in bikini. Intrigue! Will it be a ring girl on the battle? Or just a ring man? Will Praveen be playing percussion as usual or not? Will he be acting as a ring man or a ring girl? Come over and check!
Another event would have never been mentioned here but it’s dot-n-dash plus the party agenda leaves much to be desired. Therewith such an Arambolish gathering can be ‘nuts’ as well. That is how the flyer looks like: sandy seashore and five human bodies in the water upside down. They don’t look swollen and stiff, but there is a seagull sitting on the ass of a female body. The seagull seems to be hungry, confused and thinking over existential matters. At the foot of the picture there is a remark in Russian: “It’s not that easy to go mad”. Actually this flyer is made for Prasham live music event @ASH /Arambol/. Ash Healing (!) Live Music show includes Vasily Ash & Co gig + Veda Ram live paintings + Japanese theater dance. This healing performance will start at 8.30 pm and cost 150 rs. Do you want to feed a seagull?
PS. Aah, I made some photos during my space travel and there is no better place than Daily Freaks to publish them online" Your sincerely. Tanya Z-a from Deep Space.
Have a nice day, Freaks! Enjoy Goa!
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