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Goa Daily News - 26 March 2014

We have lost the contact with our Space traveler Tanya Z-a while she passed Mars and here she comes with her fresh report beyond the red planet:
"Thanks god it’s Wednesday and the lack of trance parties tonight is not that screaming and desperate. Frankly speaking over here, in other Universes I am levitating around, there are no outdoors trance parties at all yet, while indoors ones are rare and not vibrating.
You had Shiva Valley blast yesterday at least and I tuned my best up to watch it with half an eye from Space"
Anyway, post-Market evening is calm today for trance heads. You could still dilute this chillax time with a few non-trance happenings.
For example, have you been to Girls On Deck parties @WATERS lounge /Small Vagator/? They start today at 6 pm with this girlish line-up: Djo, Broken Doll and Eve Dahan with the last gig this season. It’s a free party with ‘chic, deep, funky, house, groovy vibes’, floating DJ booth, swimming pool and stuff.
Another option is indoors Silky Smooth @KATZENSUPPE /Vagator/. DJs Raketa, Baba Robijn and Jewlung will be katzensupping there from 11 pm! There is nothing swimming or floating up there, but the roof-WC area is rather pleasant both to stick around and play hide-and-seek.
Arambol is hardly suffering from 10pm-party-kaput issues and there is an off-beat gig tonight I would love to announce. Avi Adir (flute etc) and Davide Swarup (hang drum) are performing again @OSHOANIC from 8 pm. This week is their last one this season and just two shows left before they depart to Varanasi. Tonight gig is the first from these two left-overs, so hurry up!
See you at the Market, Freaks! Have a wonderful day!
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