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Goa Daily news - 20 March 2014

Today is Thursday and usually at that day we feature the best, fanciest and cutest stalls of Goa Freak Markets. The season is slowly scrolling down and as we saw the situation on Anjuna Flea Market yesterday, the lanes became quite empty. Sale signs on many shops and bored faces of both sides- shoppers and retailers, who are tired to see each other for few months, telling us that we must come to one- FINAL POINT!
So, if you are following Goa Freaks Daily News, you could see a number of the reports we did to present our selection of the Top places. Main purpose of this Thursday's action was to support those freaks that are doing the Markets and to highlight their production to make a shopping time more aimed and fast. It was actually quite a hard work for our reporters who spend few hours weekly to find those whom we want to tell about and to support their job, making their way through the crowded public movements and jammed roads.
But we did it, and based on massive positive feedbacks we can say we succeed! Today we decided to make a special Market Edition with all our previous presentations on one page.
Check and remember the shopping season 2013/2014.:
Thursday  19/12/2013
We have a lot of information to share with you concerning your pleasant stay in Goa, a lot of shops, restaurants cafes and gathering places we love to visit and to feature in our Daily News. And so, today we will reveal few names and locations of the hidden and undeserving unknown tasty spots on ANJUNA MAIN ROAD.. read more
Thursday  26/12/2013
usually on Thursdays we feature the best shops on Anjuna Flea Market - as the next Wednesday is 1st of Jan, and most probably you will be really high in Hilltop New Years Eve, it will save you a lot of time and power if you will be able to make a move there. For other presentations, please, check our previous Thursdays edition.    read more
THURSDAY 16/01/2014
So this time we skipped Anjuna and send our reporter straight in Arpora. And here we are with our TOP 10 SHOPS that we recommend you not to miss.
All the stalls we present you can find in the upper area - starting from the stage ( face to ) towards the right side.  READ MORE....
Freaks do not like a system. Even if it the system we created. So, as today is Thursday, we usually feature the best stalls on Anjuna and Saturday Night markets. But today we decided to go abroad and feature the psychedelic clothes label that are still not presented in Goa,but we would really love if they will appear. Attention, Goa retailers- check it out and find them in internet. READ MORE....
Today as usually we feature 10 best stalls on Arpora Night Market. We hope it will make you shopping nicer and easier. So, here we go:
The first stall that attracted our attention is just near Sports bar. Different colours woman clothes share the place with lovely hand made leather boots. Both girls presenting their products are really friendly, smiley and READ MORE...
06 Feb 2014
So, here we go with our TOP of Anjuna Flea Market Shops in the order of appearance during walking through the lanes:  READ MORE
13 Feb 2014
As usually on Thursday we are doing the life of true Goa shoppers easier by featuring 10 best stalls on the Markets. Last week we covered new spots in Anjuna and now it is again the turn To Arpora.
We ask please those who is represented in this report to share this page with your friends by your web resources and social nets.
20 Feb 2014
Today is Thursday, we would like to introduce you best chillum masters from all over the Globe, with years of experience and experiments on clay, textures, art, heat, into physics and chemical processes. SMOKE IT OUT!
List of 10 best World chillum makers in an alphabet order:   READ MORE
27 Feb 2014
OM NAMAH SHIVAYA! :Thursday we are featuring the best-fanciest-cutest and useful stalls on the markets in Goa. We hope ( and we know from your feedback ) that our tradition helps to the retailers, and we can say we really respect their hard and sweaty job to make people look nicer. So our brave reporter went all the way till Arpora Night Market and spend few hours on this buzzing madness. And here we go with this week's choice of the best shops of last week:
13 March 2014
Ok, shopping maniacs and market freaks. As usually on Thursday we are ready to feature the best, fanciest and cutest stalls on Goa Freaks Markets.  READ MORE

And for dessert - Part Observation from our Spaced Our reporter Tanya Z-a: "It’s a Trippy Trail day party @CHRONICLE /Small Vagator/ mastered by Nirmal McNirmal! That was THE THING last year when he organized a party in Anjuna! Let’s come over and dance crazy today as the line-up is splendid: Ajja, Psymmetrix, Trippy Trail, Samadhi, Dirty Saffi, MadMax ¤ XSI, Aphid Moon and Jovis. Festivities will start at 10 am! Enjoy!
A few parties are dedicated to the Persian New Year. You can pop in to a dayparty @MONKEY VALLEY /Vagator/ starting at noon with Gidra, Rowan, Manu, XP VooDoo, Psychosis, Armin, Carlos Gu, Simiantics and fire show of course.
Here is a little piece of good news for those who are not into trance vibes and Persian Spring Festival stuff today. It is a Girls Power Night @MARBELA /Morjim/ from 7 pm with Nastja Dinastia, Fusionista, Tejas and Praveen the percussionist. " That’s all for Thursday parties..Happy Norouz, Freaks!
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