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Goa Daily News - 1st April 2014

Today we are happy to announce the big celebration for our editors and reporters department. From tomorrow and for the next six months we can breath freely and stop to run around all Goa and surf the web all days long to find for you some particular information and upload you with fresh news from Trance Paradise. This is a last issue of Daily News with party highlights of Tanya Z-a, as she is making a photon jump in other Galaxy and will be back on Earth hopefully in November. Also more of us leaving Goa soon to start their World adventures, so we also stop to feature local freaks favorite party places, clubs, restaurants, etc.
Happy lazy days are coming! Yehaaa!
But do not worry, Daily News will be online as usually every day except Sunday and Monday and we will continue to give you the freshest out breaking news and gossips, selected articles from psychedelic dimension and complete info from all corners of the planet, wherever we will appear.
We were blogging you online every morning for the last four months and on behave of all the crew DAILY NEWS wants to send LOVE, LIGHT and APPRECIATION for you, our dear readers for support and sharing our product between Trance Tribe and request you to check our website daily as usual. We will not disappoint you. Promise.
So, today we publish the last report of our brave Partycorr Tanya Z-a from GFC Spacecraft before she will complete the photon jump and will disappear in Outer Space.
Good Buy, Tanya, we will miss you!
"Hello, Freaks! Let’s see what’s happening down in Goa today! Luckily I can see still quite clear through the atmosphere of our beautiful planet even from the altitude of hundreds thousands kilometers. But the broadcast is getting bad, so it is a time to say all of you : WE ARE IN SPACE!
Good news for the members of psydarkonic lodge: it’s a Melting Rainbow dayparty @UVBAR /Anjuna/ starting at 10 in the morning. Here is a timed line-up: 10 am - Teo, 12 - Psychotically Smashed, 2 pm - Twitchy Itchy Witch, 4 pm - Leprosarium Narrator, 6 pm – Shredded Neurotransmitter with his 170 bpm sunset program and 8 pm – Epileptics’ Nightmare. Deco and visual mapping by 3D Team (Daltonian Deco Dudes). Surprise acts are also mentioned on the flyer and it is rumoured one of them is a soap bubbles machine! Let’s try uncompromising dark!!!
Techno fans are invited to MARBELA /Morjim/. A techno battle between Nastja Dinastia and Raketa the other day had a success, and tonight Marbela opens its doors for the Bottle Of The Season. Nastja Dinastia, Axailes Solair, Djo, Eve Dahan, Asa Mary and other techno-ladies must sort out who is Number One here. There is a Russian saying ‘Friendship is the winner’ but it will hardly happen today. Do you remember Celebrity Deathmatch MTV program – this funny plasticine madness with blood, brains and guts everywhere? So you can imagine a party flyer now: Celebrity Deathmatch logo, a plasticine ring with speakers and lots of CDs around. The names of a ring girl and referees are not announced. Such a tension! This Celebrity Techmatch will start at 5 pm. Let’s get it on! Please do avoid this show if you are pregnant and/or having a weak heart and mental disorders.
Off-beat gigs. Are you really into rock music? Maybe you were dreaming on a decent hard-n-heavy live gig during the whole season? You can clap your hands happily now – Metallica (M e t a l l i с a!) is playing tonight @HILLTOP /Vagator/. I had a promo astral interview with James Hetfield and this is what he told me: “Our band is tired of those trivial shows we used to make every season at Hilltop. This year we want to blow this venue with something f***ing extraordinary! We are bringing the whole San Francisco Symphony Orchestra to Goa!” Finally! Metallica S&M concert starts at 6 pm. Let your hair down, feed lighters for Nothing Else Matters and get ready to ROCK!
Arambol area brings us a huge event as well: it’s a “Bob Marley Is Back” tribute contest @COCO LOCO starting at sunset. This competition features eight Bob Marley cover bands from all over the world: Smoked Harley (JP), Nutty Dead (AU) and Jamming Soldiers (RU) to name a few. The idea is simple: the juries choose five most popular Bob Marley songs (such an agonizing choice) and these cover bands are to play them one by one. Eight versions of ‘One Love’, ‘Get Up Stand Up’ etc etc. Every band is allowed to show off their best during the performance: hoolahoops, contact yoga and so on. The winner is the band which gets the loudest and the longest applause. Members of this band receive certificates for macramé workshops for the next season as gifts. Five Bob Marley songs, eight cover bands, vegan food buffet - oh boy, that will be a blast!
Talking the workshops: it’s about Luke Brown to tell - you were lucky to be inspired and imbued with his divine masterpieces in several venues this season. So Luke Brown is having a workshop today @SHANTI /Ashvem/ starting at 7.30 pm. The flyer is very fancy as there is Luke’s famous artwork on it: this purple three-headed lady wearing a fractal kokoshnik. So the workshop is called “Learn how to paint like Luke Brown in one day”. Come over and become like Luke! Just in one day!
To the attention of Alex Grey and Amanda Sage. You are banned from this event due to your disgusting misbehavior at the previous Luke’s seminar. That was vulgar and inappropriate to burst into a workshop place in caterpillar and broccoli fancy dresses on and make an insane paintball party up there. Do not even try again.
I will finish this report with a very curious event coming up @ARTJUNA garden café/Anjuna/. Try to be there by 6 pm when they start “The Longest Ear” contest. The winner gets a bottle of premium hard liquor. The sponsor of the competition is ‘Van Gogh’ absinthe manufacture. ‘Van Gogh’ – reach the unreachable! The health ministry of Goa warns you that absinthe abuse is dangerous for your ears.
I am off now, as I need to check my spacesuit hermiticity for a forthcoming Spacewalk. This 1st April edition of Goa Daily News seems to be the last one this season and I am happy for you reading it. I hope these party news were helpful and funny for you to examine daily, while it was amusing for me as well to compose them. Hypnotically pulsating flyers in hands, vividly twisting text on a screen – huh, nostalgia) In conclusion I would like to thank you, Freaks, and especially GFC team for being the part of this splendid season. Love and light from the Spacecraft!
See you next season!
All daily news of the season 2013-2014 were prepared, published, edited by Goa-Freaks.Com crew
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