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Goa Daily News - 15 March 2014

Sad news for those who preferred to be absolutely informed about Goa Happenings. Our very important reporter, party animal and brave never sleeping infonaut Tanya Z-a is not with us anymore.
No no no no, she is super OK, but we gave her a very special assignment- to find Party Life on other planets, so  she left Earth on the Spacecraft that we built for Russian X-Mas Fest and kept it in a warehouse and heading towards Other Galaxies to complete this hard mission.
So while she is in Space, we would love to ask those of you who has any knowledge of what is happening TODAY or TOMORROW in Goa Freaks World, please do not hesitate to inform us about it.
Better as private message on our Facebook page -
So, Saturday today and it is a day when we are counting our money that left to the end of the season. To spend them in Arpora Bazaar for sure. If you want to make your shopping time shorter and more productive - check one more time our previous reports from Night Market and choose your destination:
Just now we had a first audio connection with Spaced Out Tanya Z-a and here is what she told us observing our Goa Life from Spacecraft:
It seems like it’s only UVBAR /Anjuna/ to party tonight but they do it in a bit strange way. Cosmic Beach Dance party is free of charge before 9 pm and it is a full cover with the flyer later on. Flyers are supposed to be spread out in the Night Market so keep an eye on promoters if the following line-up is interesting for you: Twister, Sinerider, Carlos Gu, Neuroplasm and Mind Pirates! A curious gig is about to happen @SURF CLUB /Arambol/ from 8 to 10 pm - it is an improvised psy-rock session called The Essence Live. Just look at the line-up: Attila Manju on bass&vocals, Nelio Oneyed on drums, Manu Ferrantini on guitar and Grobi Breger with ambient sound effects. Guys are going old school! Come and check this impromptu gig stoner-space-psy-rock style!"
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