Friday, 14 March 2014 09:54

Goa Daily News - 14 March 2014

We know, we know, we are late today with Daily News. But the magic of our Freak's life is hiding into this wonderful moments when you enjoy the party so much, that simply fuck up the next day business.
As we did after yesterday Sonica Goa super blaster in South Anjuna beach, that we prepared with Sonica Festival and big support from Shiva Valley crew.
Free party is always the best, and all t
hose who were involved - Djs, PVJ, Deco team, Sound gang- gave the maximum efforts to increase the level of this event till the very top.

Just few photos today to remind you the action that was on even at 7am today.
For full photo report check our galleries in the end of the week.


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