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dbBio: Trance parties have been happening in goa since our birth. From then on we dreamt of becoming DJs.There were parties in goa and most of them were taking place in our house,and our house is called as the DRAGONHOUSE.It is situated in anjuna.
From here we took to our career and decided on becoming trance djs. From then on,we started to play for the hungry dancing people in goa. In the early nineties we decided to play for some parties but made it to a few of them Then life went on and on,and we became more interested.We also tried to organize some parties here.We played in many places in India like BOMBAY,PUNE CALCUTTA,DELHI,BANGALORE. .
Then we started working in a famous night club in goa called as PARADISO,ANJUNA.We have been the resident djs in this club for the past five years and it was cool working there.We also played under the record label called as DISCOVALLEY RECORDS. But now we moved to AS RECORDS,DIGITAL OM REC and PSYSHARK RECORDS. Its been a long time since then,we got a idea,of producing some tunes,so we built our own studio and got working for production. . Me and my brother made a few tracks. Our intention was to achieve a high quality sound as opposed to what was then called Goa trance music,which had a little production and was in danger of sounding like the same tracks over and over again.
dragonboyzpictOur motive in life is to make good music and get people moving out on the dance floor. We also made some sounds with the artist like X.S.I Mr.peculiar/Samadhi/glight/ultrateck etc. You will hear about this duo soooooooon…….... Recently we have remixed other species from mr peculiar and orange from samadhi,which will be released very soon..... So keep your ears open; this will keep DRAGONBOYZ moving and growing.

some kind of morning glowries/and also some killer nite sounds
Listen Dragonboyz Music on soundcloud:
(Releasing 11th feb 2013)

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You can contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or Phone: 9665148331

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