Dj Ocean

dj ocean 7OCEAN lived at the elf in amsterdam for 2 yrz and didnt get trance at all,,,
He met X.P.Voodoo for the 1st time in 99 and new he was a god,,,,,,and then at ther voov in 99 on a breakfast of psychedelic substances,,was switched on by GMS,,the daddies,,after that psy trance was more adictive than smak,,,,
He likes to play and try to make,,to try and contribute in a positiver and free way,,to the people who are into and touched by the muzic,,muzic saved and changed his life,,gill iz right ,,it iz a spiritual journey,,the muzic iz so ,so special,,,and it all leading somewhere,,,the only thing is to be around the muzic and to feel it and love it,,and it will love u back,,,,
We are all touched by it for some reason ,,,,we all shud be super happy at this ,,

Fav muzic,,,, X.P VooDoo, Sashi,,Raja Ram, Chicago, P.T.B.. Curlie,, Digital Hippie,, Martian Arts, Gaudi,, Talle ,,Nitin ,,Starling ,, SquareMeat,, Texas Faggot,, Salakavala,, Calamar Audio,, Only Raa.


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