Dj Mandalla Raga

A child of Northen Venice  - Saint-Petersburg - born at the time of the USSR Mandalla grew to be rebellious  and curious. Having graduated from  SPb State University she turned to be a tour guide and freelance interpreter for the electronic artists and bands . That was the time of opening the doors into techno  and electronic worlds  as well as becoming their  devoted follower.  Jungling with freelance jobs and best techno events of those times brought her to playing her first vinil techno sets at the famous underground places of Saint-Petersburg.

Having listed to the first sounds of trance tape brought by her friends from India at the time of #perestroika# made drastic change in the perception of music leaving  techno behind and falling in love with psytrance once and forever.
In late 90s Mandalla  Raga came to discover India and by millennium she found India home.
She has been the observer  of psychodelic music  for more than 15 years  that finally brought her to becoming a DJ mostly focused on psychodelic  twilight, forest & psygressive tunes. 
Her DJ sets are deep massages of universal love  and celebration of  being  that can hardly leave anyone untouched.
Techno Nick: Dj Allika
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