Dgivash - Russian musician Alex Psy.

Dgivash is psy-trance musical project by Russian musician Alex Psy.
Jiva (Sanskrit जीव, jīva IAST) - in Indian religious and philosophical traditions is strong , spiritual, forever living creature and the soul.

As far back as 1998 his first DJ-sets sounded in psytrance events and in June 23, 2000 Alex founded a creative promo group by the name Substance Sky.

In the same year, one of the first psytrance Open-Air took place in suburban Nakhabino, Moscow Region.
For the period 2005-2013 promo group and Alex had been organizing more than 70 private forest parties, improving their DJ’s skills, as well as the quality of their events. Creative experiments and the search for his unique style lead Alex in 2012 to create his own musical project Dgivash.

Dgivash’s own style can be described as a powerful mixture of night-psy with Indian, African and Russian motives. Dgivash is a loyal participant of major PsyTrance Open Airs and festivals of Russia.
His magic melodies continued to sound and had a liking at such ritual stages as Shiva Valley, Hippies and others in Goa, India.

In december 31, 2013 Dgivash released his debut track - Baba-Yoga on Psy-Music Netlabel.

In July 2014 Dgivash took part in the best summer psyevent in Russia - "Tortuga 2014 - Seminar of alternative tourism", organized by the promotional team Aerodance supported by Substance Sky and other teams.
At the same time he also became a full member of the Goa-Freaks Production Team (www.Goa-Freaks.Com).

2014 became the year of landmark for the project creativity - debut album is due to completion, the release of which is planned in one of the world's well known psy-trance labels.
The album will include a favorite and already a well known track Moola Mantra, as well as new more unreleased tracks that will surprise Dgivash fans.

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