Dj Chicago

Dj CHICAGO / 1200 MICS / T.I.P. Records
One of the "Godfathers" of Goa/Psy Trance, in Goa from the beginning of Electronic Dance Music in 1983
- 66 Years old...with Raja Ram, the oldest Trance DJs in the scene (but young at heart!)
- A founder of 1200 Micrograms band,(with Raja Ram, Riktam, and Bansi/GMS), one of the most influential bands of all times in the trance scene
- DJing everywhere around the trance world, at the major festivals Ozora, Boom, Voov, Antaris, XXXPerience,Rainbow Serpent, Full Moon, Indian Spirit, TranceLoversNation, and many others, and playing trance parties all around the globe, all European countries, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, India,Hungary, Australia,New Zealand, Dubai,Chile, New Caledonia,Thailand, Cambodia, and more...
- DJs 1200 MICs Hits, Full-On Psy/Goa, Retro '90s Goa Hits, and Chill/Ambient dj sets
- Released DJ Chicago Compilation CD,"Full On - Turbo - Blast"
- Made 18 tracks with GMS/Zorba, released on TIP Records as "GMS Feat. Chicago", and "Zorba Feat. Chicago", separate from 1200 MICs tracks
- Has released 6 1200 MICs CDs with the band  
Personal Info

DJ Shot11Grew up in Chicago, married (no kids) n an advertising executive all thru my 20s, escaped to the travelling life at 32, circled the world for years, backpacking on the "Traveller´s Trail" right around the planet, hit Goa in ´83, go thr ev. year since, 29 yrs now.Also was a part-time (for 15 years) International Tour Guide around the world, b4 the band. Discovered mind-expanding substances in 1966, and believe they have added a special dimension in opening the mind, and expanding the consciousness, and have been truly inspirational in our band`s music and my DJing.

Started DJing and our band 1200 MICs with Raja Ram, Bansi, n Riktam of GMS in ´99-2000, having a blast rocking around the globe ever since, DJing and doing 1200 MICs Live Shows from Australia to Russia to Brazil to Israel to Mexico, and everywhere else around the entire trance world. Besides Music, the other Love of my Life is my 17 year old son, Shane, who is now full into Trance and 1200 MICs music, with his friends(so I'm happy!) We live in Ibiza when not in Goa. And the beat goes on...! Keep Rocking, everybody !

1200 banner1200 Micrograms (also known as 1200 Mics, or 1300 Mics) is a psychedelic trance act from Ibiza. The members are Riktam and Bansi from GMS, Raja Ram and Chicago. Raja Ram is Australian, but has lived in London for over 30 years. Bansi and Riktam are Dutch, Chicago is American, and the 3 live on Ibiza Island, Spain. The name 1200 Micrograms comes from Raja Ram taking 1200 micrograms of LSD while working on the group's first album. Raja Ram told his friend Paul Taylor, "God Paul I took 1200 micrograms!"[citation needed] Their 1st album is its use of themes related to mind/consciousness-expansion.
The idea for starting the project allegedly came to Raja Ram while he was hallucinating in his hammock in Brazil. Thus, their first, self-titled album featured 9 tracks about Ayahuasca, DMT, Mescaline, LSD, Marijuana, Hashish, Ecstasy, Magic Mushrooms and Salvia Divinorum. The tracks featured many quotes from Terence McKenna and samples from movies such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Matrix.
The second album, Heroes of the Imagination, was dedicated to famous inventors and scientists who dramatically contributed to, or changed, the course of history, including Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Michael Faraday, Albert Einstein, Charles Babbage, Albert Hofmann, Francis Crick, James D. Watson, and Tim Berners-Lee. This album also contains the 2003 party hit, Acid for Nothing; a trance remix of Dire Straits' Money for Nothing which samples lines from the movie Waking Life (the track also replaced the phrase "I want my MTV" with "I want my LSD").The 3rd album was called The Time Machine. Its songs were influenced by famous places and times in the past -- The Creation of the Universe, Stonehenge, Ancient India and Egypt and Greece.

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