Hybrid UV

HYBRID UV is a collective of event promoters & artists based in Greece and India. Hybrid UV is the leading decor crew in Goa/ India and keeps putting forward some of the most advanced ideas for venue and stage decor including lycra & string art, inflatables and shade designs, visual and 3D mapping among other concepts that constantly evolve.
In Greece in 2010 and 2011, Hybrid UV presented two mini festivals that defined the music trends to come in the next years in the festival and club scene in Greece, having presented for the first time in Greece music from labels such as Wildthings, Bom Shanka, Looney Moon and BMSS and decor from Artescape. Hybrid UV in Greece is now doing smaller club events and acts as a booking agent for some of the most popular psytrance artists, such as all artists from Wildthings, Bom Shanka, Looney Moon and some of the most wanted Greek psytrance acts such as those of Conwerter, Rigel and the live dub band Vlastur.
HYBRID UV conjures up all that and more…As we promise to be your one stop guide and quintessential choice for celebrating expertise. At HYBRID UV our endeavour is to create vibrant don’t just heighten, but to do so with making memorable experiences and providing a discovery of myriad sights that’ll be etched in the mind forever.

The Hybrid UV group was founded in 2005 first in the UK and then Greece, thereafter expanding with our untouched concept and cementing our definitive presence in India.  We are adept at personalized services and have distinctive know-how making sure that our offers are presenting a wide variety of options. We are delighted to welcome the nightlife entertainment community into our vital & contemporary fold, with our innovative products and design package consisting of
Lycra/ String Art, inflatables, shade canopies, stage art, Visuals and 3d mapping.
Our offers are attached with unforgettable portfolios that are one of a kind. One can just wish for a transformation and our collective aspires to make for our erstwhile customers to enjoy the magic. We undertake corporate and private functions that include weddings, fairs, product launches, fashion shows amongst club and festival events. Also available are full design, installation support and worldwide shipping from one single provider at the best price.

Hybrid UV strives to gather the adventure in your hearts and formulate a crackling portrait that makes unique designs accessible. To create stylish and effective solutions not only with party props, we also specialise in conceptualizing and organizing your events and are a booking agency for many renowned overseas artists and Indian talent as well.
Our loyal lineage of clientele consists of event giants such as Sunburn in India- Asia’s biggest electronic dance music festival, Electric Beach- Grand Hyatt in Qatar, the legendary HillTop in Goa and Hybrid UV Evolution Festival in Greece & Universal Religion in Nepal to name some… along-side renowned clubs in the aforementioned countries.
We are also making our imprint in the Middle East currently at top of the line hospitality spaces.

Our main aim is to facilitate creativity and at the same time to experiment and visualize the fashionable products line and contemporary design ideas for your perfect party and display it for colour filled visual pleasure in the entertainment segment. Check out the adrenaline pumping itinerary section, and get yourself booked in to making the design extravaganza, happen…..
Hybrid UV is the wanderlust, which stay’s true to evolving your senses!!
HYBRID UV WEBSITE: http://hybriduv.org/
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